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Heart of Iron


Heart of Iron

In Ashley Poston’s HEART OF IRON, 17-year-old Ana is an outlaw who can’t remember much about her past including where she came from. The only thing she knows is that she was found in an orbiting capsule with her android best friend, Di. Saved by a fierce space captain and her crew, Ana lives the life of a rebel for the next few years until her routine is scrambled once Di starts to get random glitches, causing Ana to search for a chip that she thinks will put an end to them. The only thing standing in her way is royal Ironblood Robb. He’s the one who has the chip and once Ana steals it, things take a turn for the worse. A chain of dangerous events are then thrown at the fugitives and their new Ironblood ally, sending them on a space adventure that will uncover many hidden secrets; including some of Ana’s past.

"HEART OF IRON was one of those books that I didn’t think I needed until I read of ILLUMINAE or THE LUNAR CHRONICLES will find themselves mesmerized...."

Once I heard that this novel was pitched as Anastasia in space I knew I had to pick it up. Anastasia is one of my favorite films so --- not going to lie --- I had some pretty high expectations going into it. Overall, the entire novel wowed me. Science fiction is usually a hit or miss with me so it was very exciting to really enjoy this book and crave the next installment.

When I first saw that this book was going to be told from the points of view of four different characters, I was a little anxious since usually a lot of the books with multiple POVs aren’t that great. In the end though, I think that Poston did a really great job of making sure each character had their own unique voice and personalities that really stood out from the rest. Thinking back on it I actually think by getting into each of their heads, it made me like all of the characters even more so. Ana was such a fun, kick butt lead female in the story and her chemistry with Di was so adorable. Jax was another one of my favorites (his sarcasm made me laugh out loud endless times) and his relationship with Robb was lovely --- and a little steamy! --- as the story went on.

The side characters were also a factor that I enjoyed immensely for bringing in some more diversity and heartwarming moments. Captain Siege and her wife Talle were both fantastic and acted as some lovely parental figures to the crew --- especially Ana. I think that the other crew members were entertaining as well but we didn’t really get to see a lot from them and their backstories so I’m hoping that the sequel will go further into that.

As for the action and the plot, I was definitely on the edge of my seat as the events unfolded. Even though the story hit a bit of a boring bump towards the middle, I still think Poston kept the process fast-paced and super interesting. I could totally picture some of these scenes happening in my head reminding me of films like Star Wars and especially Guardians of the Galaxy.

Ultimately, HEART OF IRON was one of those books that I didn’t think I needed until I read it. Full of much angst, romance and cinematic space battles, I’m sure fans of ILLUMINAE or THE LUNAR CHRONICLES will find themselves mesmerized by the story Poston has put together beautifully.

Reviewed by Taylor F., Teen Board Member on March 14, 2018

Heart of Iron
by Ashley Poston