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About the Book


The next installment of a thrilling and sexy new werewolf series, full of girl power and heart-pounding paranormal action.

For the first time in his life, Rain Ryland has it all: a home, a family, security. The newly minted shape-shifter even has a place in the pack --- the coveted spot right next to his girlfriend, Freddie, who will assume the role of Alpha in a few weeks at the Solstice celebration.

But Rain's peace is shattered when a stranger from Freddie's past returns to the tiny town of New Wurzburg with the power to disrupt the pack and destroy his relationship with Freddie.

When dead bodies mysteriously begin to rise as revenants, the pack and coven square off in a power struggle that could erupt in civil war. Rain and Freddie must choose whether to trust their instincts or their hearts as enemies close in from all sides --- even from within.

by Mary Lindsey