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Guardian of the Gate: Prophecy of the Sisters, Book 2


Guardian of the Gate: Prophecy of the Sisters, Book 2

When we last saw Lia Milthorpe, she was trying to escape her role in an ancient prophecy of sisters by running to London, looking for the missing keys and pages of the prophecy. Her twin sister, Alice, remained in the United States, working on her spellcasting skills in order to defeat Lia. Strangely, each girl has the wrong role in the prophecy: Lia is the Gate, which gives her the power to release evil into the world or shut it out once and for all. Most Gates have been evil. Lia wishes she could be the Guardian, but instead, Alice uses her role as the Guardian to try and manipulate Lia into letting evil in. Each girl is dead set against her natural role in the prophecy, making it even harder for them to achieve their goals.

So Lia works tirelessly, trying to learn how to defeat Samael before Alice manages to let him in. This requires a trip to Altus, an island in another realm where other Sisters live and work according to the prophecy. Lia embarks on this dangerous journey with her friends, Sonia and Luisa, and various guides to keep the girls safe and on the right track. Hellhounds follow every step of the way, and Alice interrupts Lia’s dreams, trying to push her away from her goal. A mysterious man named Dimitri becomes one of their guides, and Lia is drawn to him. But she has no idea whether or not his intentions are noble. It becomes even harder to discern this when one of her friends is found to have been corrupted by the Souls, the evil lackeys of Samael. Lia feels increasingly alone, and it is a time when she needs allies more than ever. Because, as Alice continues to remind her, at the end of the prophecy, one of the twins will be dead.

GUARDIAN OF THE GATE nears its end when the group reaches Altus and can at last breathe a little easier. Alas, only a little rest is afforded, and Lia must embark on another journey --- this time solo --- in order to uncover the missing pages of the prophecy. She discovers something that ensures her troubles are not over yet.

This second book is essentially filled with set-up and build-up for the third and final  installment of the series, to be released in 2011. While exciting and suspenseful, the journey to Altus lasts a bit longer than necessary, and it probably could have been cut enough so that books two and three could be consolidated into one volume. And the new love interest, after Lia’s great love lost and the tragedy of her little brother’s death back in America, feels unnatural and unwarranted.

That said, enough suspense was created to make me eagerly await THE BEAST. GUARDIAN OF THE GATE is a necessary step in the journey of the trilogy. It reads quickly and smoothly, and will prepare you for what surely will be an exciting conclusion.


Reviewed by Sarah Hannah Gomez on October 18, 2011

Guardian of the Gate: Prophecy of the Sisters, Book 2
by Michelle Zink

  • Publication Date: July 13, 2011
  • Genres: Fantasy
  • Paperback: 368 pages
  • Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
  • ISBN-10: 0316027405
  • ISBN-13: 9780316027403