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Going Rogue: An Also Known As Novel


Going Rogue: An Also Known As Novel

Maggie thinks she has retired from being a spy, at least until she finishes high school. She is trying to be normal, taking SAT prep classes with her best friend Roux and hanging out with her boyfriend, Jesse. But a false accusation against her parents has her fighting to clear their name in a deadly mission. GOING ROGUE is a fun sequel showing Maggie at her crime-fighting best.

As soon as she hears the aria music pouring from her family’s New York loft, Maggie knows they are going to have a secret meeting with Angelo, the family protector and her mentor. Members of their agency, The Collective, can’t hear well through possible bugs when the aria is playing. Maggie learns that her parents are being accused of stealing evidence from a long ago case, and that other people have recently been kicked out of the group for similar trumped-up reasons. Angelo tells them to trust no one.

Surprises and new characters give this storyline fresh appeal

Maggie decides to protect Jesse and Roux by not telling them what is going on --- in their last adventure, all three were almost killed and she was forced to tell them about her identity as an international spy. She meets privately with Angelo and decides to find the missing coins, clearing her parents. She and Angelo agree to keep her parents in the dark, which is not easy as they are also spies and figure out something is going on with Maggie.

Roux is hurt at her silence and Jesse is mad when a botched attempt to steal the coins forces her to miss a dinner with his mother. They break up, and Maggie realizes she doesn’t know if she even wants to return to the Collective. She knows she needs to use her lock picking and safe cracking skills, though, as she is a tiny bit bored with normal life. She has a seemingly impossible lock from Angelo to hone her skills on, in the meantime.

Wrong intel lands Maggie in a dangerous situation as she tries to steal the coins from Dominic, a suspected enemy within the Collective. As she prepares to try again, she learns more about her parents’ history, including how they met and fell in love while growing an organization in a Paris high school.

While another attempt at her mission is successful in one way, it puts her parents, Angelo, Roux and even Jesse in the line if gunfire and more. Maggie, Roux and Jesse are forced to go to a safe house in Paris, where they meet more young people forced out of the Collective. Maggie and Angelo plan a final showdown, and together with her parents and all her friends, try to work out a way to bring down all their enemies in an exciting conclusion.

It’s fun to see Roux and Jesse work on the spy mission while Maggie gets more comfortable having long standing relationships for the first time in her life. Surprises and new characters give this storyline fresh appeal and after a big change, readers will especially be looking forward to what happens to Maggie and her team, next. 

Reviewed by Amy Alessio on December 31, 2013

Going Rogue: An Also Known As Novel
by Robin Benway