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Girls Can't Hit


Girls Can't Hit

Fleur Waters doesn’t really care about much, but is happy to come along with her outspoken feminist friend Blossom to fight for co-ed classes at the local boxing club. While there, she signs up for a class. That class is hard, the workout is intense and she’s the only girl, but Fleur finds that she actually enjoys the exercise and feels pride when she lands a good punch on a punching bag. So she continues, much to the shock and dismay of her friends and family. Her mother is overprotective and would much rather her daughter do something safer. Blossom thinks the sport is needlessly violent. Fleur’s boyfriend George is hesitant as she develops muscles and becomes stronger. But Fleur doesn’t care, and just wants the thrill of the ring. Fleur learns when it’s her time to fight in T. S. Easton’s GIRLS CAN’T HIT.

"This book made me want to put on a pair of boxing gloves and use them to destroy the patriarchy. It wasn’t hard to read, but it was motivational."

GIRLS CAN’T HIT is a fantastic feminist novel. It offers a good message to its audience: that girls can do what guys do. That it’s not only a guy’s world. That girls can be strong and powerful. That girls can have a say in the world. That girls can enjoy both traditionally masculine and feminine things. Easton tackles a lot of these issues in GIRLS CAN’T HIT, but still manages to keep the book lighthearted and entertaining. It’s inspiring to read about a normal girl who does something special. It’s also nice to read a book where feminism isn’t just a joke, and it’s treated as a real, positive movement. Especially by a male author.

My favorite thing about this book is how relatable Fleur is. She does a lot of the things she does out of spite and enjoys proving people wrong. I know quite a few of us have done things for this reason, and it works. Boxing is hard for Fleur, it’s not like she just shows up one day and is suddenly the best boxer ever. She has to work hard and she knows she’s not the best, but she likes it so she keeps working to improve. Fleur is stubborn and obviously not perfect, but her determination and passion make her a good character to look up to.

This book made me want to put on a pair of boxing gloves and use them to destroy the patriarchy. It wasn’t hard to read, but it was motivational. It’s empowering for teen girls to know that they can do what they want and excel at it --- and this book isn’t only for the young women. Boys out there should also read it because it’s entertaining and they can learn that anyone can be a feminist. GIRLS CAN’T HIT is funny and great reminder for everyone that outward appearances don’t always express what’s on the inside. I’ve already recommended this book and I would do it again.

Quick disclaimer before you read --- there are some jokes in this book that are a little dirty, and it briefly mentions the topics of rape and sexual harassment.

Reviewed by Becky N., Teen Board Member on August 8, 2018

Girls Can't Hit
by T.S. Easton