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Gilt Hollow


Gilt Hollow

The author of GILT HOLLOW, Lorie Langdon, has co-written the Doon series, making GILT HOLLOW the first novel she has written on her own. Prior to writing, Lorie Langdon wrote online and print to advertise for a large company.

"Langdon did a very good job in describing the town of Gilt Hollow. This novel was also very suspenseful and had many surprises that had me desperately trying to understand who framed Ashton."

Moving forward, the story of GILT HOLLOW is about a young man named Ashton Keller who was sentenced to jail for young people when he was 14, because it seemed that he had pushed one of his friends off of a cliff while they were on a camping trip. Ashton's three friends claimed he was guilty. After serving four years in jail, Ashton is released and goes back to Gilt Hollow to try and find out who killed his friend Daniel Turano, (the young man that everyone claims he killed) as well as who framed him. While he is back in his hometown, he is reunited with his very close friend, Willow Lamott. When Ashton was in prison, Willow tried very hard to defend that her friend was innocent but also tried to avoid the constant criticism that her peers and neighbors had placed on her because of her friendship with Ashton. Willow had also know Ashton since a very young age. However, when he is released from prison, Willow and Ashton, no longer see each other as young kids. They both notice how the other has matured both mentality and physically. They focus on trying to learn who has committed the murder of Daniel, as well as proving that Ashton is innocent. Willow also causes Ashton to feel as if he should improve himself for his and Willows benefit. However, there is a point where Ashton believes that trying to find the murderer may be too dangerous and perhaps it is best to not solve this crime.

Langdon did a very good job in describing the town of Gilt Hollow. This novel was also very suspenseful and had many surprises that had me desperately trying to understand who framed Ashton. Langdon also did a very good job in describing Ashton and Willow’s relationship growing up and as young adults. She was able to clearly explain their history without confusion and without taking away from the present. This story also properly shows how even parental relationships are not perfect and that adults also make mistakes. I also thought it was very clever that Langdon did not use profanity but replaced the language with silly words to illustrate the characters frustration. Often the word "fig" was used. The romance incorporated will also make readers smile and possibly chuckle.  This novel is, overall, perfect for people who love mysteries and audience members who sympathize with the "bad boy” character. I would also recommend this novel to audiences who enjoy reading the romance genre.

Although, while this novel deserves four stars, what I thought could be improved upon was that Ashton's friends Colin, Brayden and Isaiah could have been differentiated a bit more in the beginning. I often had to double check who was who. Additionally, there were many characters I'm this novel who seemed to have illegal and ulterior motives. I thought those motives could have been described a little more.

Overall, this story is very suspenseful and readers will read until the very end to find out the truth. Willow and Ashton's relationship is one many audience members will root for and many will be able to relate to the characters’ relationship in that Willow made Ashton feel as if he could improve. Audiences will also understand how individuals in positions of power can misuse their authority.

Reviewed by Hasnah Farraj on September 27, 2016

Gilt Hollow
by Lorie Langdon

  • Publication Date: September 27, 2016
  • Genres: Fiction, Romance, Young Adult 12+
  • Hardcover: 352 pages
  • Publisher: Blink
  • ISBN-10: 0310751853
  • ISBN-13: 9780310751854