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Giant Days


Giant Days

Non Pratt, UK author of books such as TROUBLE and TRUTH OR DARE has a new release; GIANT DAYS. GIANT DAYS is the novelization of a popular graphic novel series Giant Days, in which we follow our three girls as they experience their first year of college. First, we have Esther, the emo goth girl who is struggling with trying to have fun and taking college seriously. Then there’s Susan, who is going into pre-med and doing fine until she randomly bumps into her ex-best friend, which causes some drama. Lastly, we have Daisy, the sweet, innocent girl who was homeschooled her entire life and just wants to make friends.

"Non Pratt did an absolutely excellent job at keeping the same tone that the graphic novels had; it felt very much like the graphic was amazing to see [the characters] put into a different format."

I was a bit hesitant going into GIANT DAYS; I love the graphic novel series, so I was curious to see how the novelized version would turn out. As it turns out, I had nothing to worry about, because I really enjoyed reading this book! I was worried that when I read the novel it wouldn’t feel the same as the graphic novel series, but Non Pratt did an absolutely excellent job at keeping the same tone that the graphic novels had; it felt very much like the graphic novels.

As for the characters, I was also pleasantly surprised! They were very much like the characters I know and love from the graphic novels, so it was amazing to see them put into a different format. Non Pratt was able to expertly transform the tone and characters from the graphic novel series into GIANT DAYS. Something that I didn’t really like in the graphic novels was that we often didn’t get to see much of Daisy, who is perhaps my favorite character out of the three main characters. However, it is in this novelized version where her character really shines. It was really nice to see her in the spotlight!

The plot was really interesting in my opinion. I wasn’t quite sure what Non Pratt was going to go with the plot, because there were multiple different directions she could have gone, but I was pleased with the decision she made. For the most part, the novel is pretty slow and mostly focuses on the little things in life along with the experience these girls have in college. This does cause the book to be slow, especially during the beginning, but after the first half it does pick up the pace. Near the last 60 pages or so, the plot gets really intense, and I loved that sudden burst of intensity!

GIANT DAYS by Non Pratt is perfect for fans of the graphic novel series and a great read in general for those who haven’t read the series. It’s a fun, lighthearted, slice-of-life read that is most enjoyable during the summer. With its funny characters and strange plotline, GIANT DAYS is a book I would definitely recommend to just about anyone. This is overall just an extremely fun book that packs a punch!

Reviewed by Marco M., Teen Board Member on September 12, 2018

Giant Days
by Non Pratt and BOOM! Studios