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For everyone who is reading this book review, please be warned, GENESIS is the sequel to NEMESIS, also by Brendan Reichs. As a warning, I find it best for those who have not read NEMESIS in a while to have a recap of what has happened.

NEMESIS begins off with Melinda J. Wilder being killed every even-numbered year since she was eight. People thought she was crazy that she took medicine for this and saw the psychiatrist, Doctor Lawrence. Meanwhile, Noah Livingston deals with nightmares of killing every even year on his birthday.

"The twists that Reichs puts in kills me. I wanted to chuck the book across the room, and at the same time cry over it, all while feeling happy!"

Once Melinda and Noah realize that they are dealing with the same problems, the entire sophomore class in Fire Lake is sent to an empty version of the town. As the sophomore class tries to figure out what is happening, Ethan and Sarah, two of the most popular classmates, become dictators to the town. Noah, Min and Tuck (Min’s best friend) have to try to help everyone from the disastrous rulers. After Tuck was shot and then came back to life with by “resetting,” the trio comes to find a silo that is the home base of Project Nemesis. Soon as the book ends, it comes to the conclusion that they are computer codes, and they have to kill each other off to get to the next level. The book ends with Noah accepting the fate and literally stabbing Min in the back by shooting her in the back.

GENESIS begins with Noah trying to kill off his fellow classmates, but he is fine because the classmates will just come back alive --- or at least that is what they think, until their classmate, Piper, does not disappear. Noah is shocked before he figures out some information. Min and Tack, on the other hand, have been hiding in their trailer park. They are scared for their lives, and Min refuses to kill anyone. After worrying about being killed or found, they try to make it back to the silo. Bad stuff happens, and Noah and Min are back in place together. Min still doesn’t trust Noah, and Noah feels guilty for shooting Min. Noah and Min have to complete this phase before all else fails.

This book was really well done. In my opinion, the very first part was very slow. It took me a while to actually get into, but afterward I got very excited. The twists that Reichs puts in kills me. I wanted to chuck the book across the room, and at the same time cry over it, all while feeling happy! The emotional rollercoaster that I went through really touched my heart. I highly recommend this book if you liked NEMESIS. It is so good, and it will make your life better.

Reviewed by Kay S., Teen Board Member on February 27, 2019

by Brendan Reichs