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Sara Vanadi is secretly the Norse goddess of love and war, Freya --- but nobody knows that, except maybe the shady company Finemdi that tracks her down in her secret hiding place for the last few decades: a mental hospital. When Finemdi offers Freya a position and unlimited believers to keep her strong and healthy for the rest of her life, she is reluctant to agree. Instead, she decides to make a break for it by stealing Nathan, a future friend in the making. Nathan and Sara spend their time working in Orlando until Finemdi returns.

"Sara and Nathan were insanely likable characters….This book is great for mythology lovers and people who love spunky, sassy main characters."

This book seems like a good start to a series, but it has major problems. It had action and good characters, but the plot itself was lacking. I found it hard to believe in Finemdi. Why did it come into being? What did they truly want to do? Why do they hate gods? We saw Sara's archnemesis Garen's story which made some sort of sense but never the context of the company. I wanted a bit more 'why'. Sara herself did not know why or understand everything (she is not a goddess of wisdom after all), but it felt unbelievable. If Finemdi truly wanted all the gods dead or in their employ, why? Why not worship the gods and reap the benefits? That seems like a much more logical way to work.


That said, Sara was a force to be reckoned with. I did want to see more of her powers even if she claimed to be weak. I wonder what she was like at the height of her powers. It must have been insane. Her quirk of promoting Scandinavia was cute too. I have personally never been, but it sounds amazing. I really did not like how she kept mentioning how hot she was. I know she is a goddess of beauty too, but it felt annoying and repetitive.

Together, Sara and Nathan were insanely likable characters. They were both sassy and full of quips. I loved how Sara was ready to turn anything into a sassy repartee. Nathan was the dorky, lovable sidekick character. He did not get a lot of backstory, though, which I did not like. I wanted to see more of her lovely high priest. If anything, the book could have been Fun Times with Freya, and I think that would be fine. I would like to see her trying to fit in at Disney World and Nathan working on his freelancer job.

As a Greek pantheon fan myself, I was pretty pumped to see some of the other gods come into play. I was especially excited to see Pele who has an awesome backstory. I highly suggest looking at her history; she is a volcano goddess with the tempestuous of a storm.

The book itself just did not feel satisfying. I liked seeing a Norse goddess at the helm, but there could have been more. Maybe exploring the other pantheons and how they have interacted with the Norse one. Sekhmet was a friend of Sara's, but there is no explanation. How did they meet? Why did they meet? I wanted more context into their world. Believers boost power. Why? How? I finished the book was way too many questions and few answers.

This book is great for mythology lovers and people who love spunky, sassy main characters.

Reviewed by Wren L., Teen Board Member on March 14, 2018

(Freya #1)
by Matthew Laurence