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FREEKS was written by the very talented Amanda Hocking. Hocking also wrote the New York Times bestselling TRYLLE series, an amazing books series. Having enjoyed her last books, I was extremely pleased with FREEKS. It was absolutely amazing, and it sweeps you away into another world.

FREEKS is a book about a girl named Mara who is part of a travelling circus sideshow. All she wants is a normal life that isn’t full of mystery, wonder and magic. Once everything is thrown into danger, however, she has to find her true self, but also maintain a relationship with a town boy she’s infatuated with.

"My overall thoughts on this book were that it was amazing. I was hooked the second I got past the first couple pages."

In the beginning, Mara is brought to Caudry, a small town desperate to put their face on the map. She roams out and somehow bumps into Gabe, a simple town boy who is incredibly rich, and with whom Mara is immediately infatuated with. Mara starts to get a feel for the town of Caudry, and immediately hates it --- everyone in Gideon Davorin’s Travelling Carnival does.

In the middle we start to realize just what’s happening: Gideon’s Carnival is full of supernatural (nearly) humans. They can do crazy tricks, and are just not as what we perceive to be “normal.” They start to feel the effects of Caudry. The weird things happening to them and their powers. Then, things take a turn for the worse. A dark presence threatens the lives of Mara’s friends and family. Meanwhile, a romance blossoming between Mara and Gabe that’s about to be ruined by whatever that presence is.

In the end we realize the true meaning of family and friendship to Mara. She has to control a power that she didn’t even realize she possessed. She has to realize who she truly is, a process that takes us many years --- but Mara only has seven days. She realizes the truth behind the darkness. In the end everything pulls through, and she, her family and Gabe get to leave the mysterious town or Caudry.

The character that was really developed, that we really got to understand, was Mara. Hocking used little things like clothes, actions and even setting to describe what kind of person Mara was in the book. However, we didn’t understand much of Gabe. For Gabe it was obvious things, or it was huge things about him. We never got to understand who he really is as a person and outside of Mara and Gabe’s relationship.

My overall thoughts on this book were that it was amazing. I was hooked the second I got past the first couple pages. My favorite part was how early the mystery starts and how you can see it develop through the book. It really transported you to the world where Mara was. I do hope many people find this book as wonderful as I do.

I would recommend this book for 14+ readers because it has some mature scenes in it. It’s not only language but it is also how the romance develops.

Reviewed by Tejaswi S. on January 31, 2017

by Amanda Hocking

  • Publication Date: January 3, 2017
  • Genres: Fantasy, Paranormal, Young Adult 12+
  • Hardcover: 400 pages
  • Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
  • ISBN-10: 1250084776
  • ISBN-13: 9781250084774