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Free to Fall


Free to Fall

Rory Vaughn’s life is as easy as can be with the help of Lux, an app that makes decision making a piece of cake. Simply ask it what you need to know, and Lux is guaranteed to give you the best personal results for each situation. Rory has used Lux all her life, and it’s starting to pay off when her acceptance letter to Theden Academy arrives. Though Rory will miss her best friend, Beck, and her father, Rory cannot wait to leave for Theden, especially when she learns that her mother, who died when Rory was born, attended Theden as well.

But once Rory arrives at Theden, she discovers an intricate web of secrets that somehow seem to connect to her. With the help of her confusing roommate Hershey, and North, a hacker and barista who refuses to use Lux, Rory slowly starts to untangle all the secrets that Lux has tried to steer her away from. However, the more entangled she gets, the more dangerous her efforts become. How far is she willing to go to uncover the truth about her mother, Theden, and most importantly, Lux?

FREE TO FALL is a brilliant novel that poses important questions about society and the freedom of the individual.

In FREE TO FALL, Lauren Miller combines mystery, suspense, and a futuristic plot line with great results. Although this novel begins slowly, it quickly picks up the pace and becomes very exciting! FREE TO FALL centers around Rory, who undergoes many changes and challenges from the beginning of the novel to the end. She struggles to uncover the secrets involving her mother, she struggles to fit in at Theden, and she struggles with her feelings for North. In combining all these struggles, Lauren Miller makes Rory a very relatable and interesting character.

The plot line in FREE TO FALL is also very interesting. Lauren Miller keeps the reader guessing till the very end and delivers plenty of shocking revelations all through the novel! Most impressive of all is that all these different plot layers meet together in the end to create an explosive conclusion. Readers won’t be able to get enough of Lauren Miller’s writing, and will anxiously await a sequel. Overall, FREE TO FALL is a brilliant novel that poses important questions about society and the freedom of the individual.

Reviewed by Kate F., Teen Board Member on May 14, 2014

Free to Fall
by Lauren Miller