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Fragments of the Lost


Fragments of the Lost

Megan Miranda is well known for her bestselling novels which include ALL THE MISSING GIRLS and THE PERFECT STRANGER. She has also written the books FRACTURE, HYSTERIA, VENGEANCE, SOULPRINT and THE SAFEST LIES. As with FRAGMENTS OF THE LOST, Miranda tends to focus on the mystery genre. FRAGMENTS OF THE LOST is similar to the popular books 13 REASONS WHY by Jay Asher and WE WERE LIARS by E. Lockhart.

When Jessa Whitworth’s ex-boyfriend Caleb dies in a tragic car accident she finds herself hurled down memory lane as she cleans out his old room. His mother blames her for his death and she can’t help but feel guilty about her last few moments with him. As she dives deeper and deeper into his life she realizes that their relationship and his life may not have been as it seemed.

"I would recommend FRAGMENTS OF THE LOST to a teen who is looking for a juicy mystery novel with many unforeseeable plot twists."

The reader is taken on a journey through Caleb and Jessa’s relationship. As Jessa rummages through Caleb’s belongings, she discovers a variety of intriguing clues about what really happened on that stormy night. This mystery has various unpredictable twists and turns that keep the reader on the edge of their seat.

FRAGMENTS OF THE LOST possesses an interesting plot with less than inspiring characters. I really enjoyed the way the author described the relationship through the photos and objects that Jessa encounters, with each item connected to a specific moment in their relationship. I also loved the unpredictable ending which had numerous surprises.

Although there were some good attributes, I found Jessa, the main character, and Caleb, her ex, to be very unlikable. Jessa is a jealous girlfriend and feels threatened by other people in Caleb’s life. She is also very dependent on Caleb and often has irrational behavior. If he doesn't return a call or a text she overreacts and becomes very upset. On the other hand, as Jessa discovers, Caleb is not exactly the most transparent person. Often times, he hid important information from her regarding his past and family life. Personally, it is hard to read a book when I’m not a fan of the main characters. The actions of both the protagonists were questionable at times.

I would recommend FRAGMENTS OF THE LOST to a teen who is looking for a juicy mystery novel with many unforeseeable plot twists.

Reviewed by Mia M., Teen Board Member on January 16, 2019

Fragments of the Lost
by Megan Miranda