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Fragile Spirits


Fragile Spirits

FRAGILE SPIRITS explores when you should let yourself trust someone, when you should let yourself depend on someone and when revenge starts to turn you into the very thing you hate.

Paul is a perfectionist; he gets good grades, always follow the rules set out by his guardian and religiously follows the rule book that outlines the restrictions and duties of his calling --- to be a Protector. A Protector is responsible for helping Speakers --- people who usher trapped spirits from this world to the next and force evil spirits out, whether they like it or not. Speakers can share their body with a ghost to help it with its unfinished business, and Protectors can share Speakers’ bodies to keep evil spirits out.

Paul feels like he's been waiting forever to be paired with his Speaker, the person who will be his partner in this lifetime and all the lifetimes after, but when they finally meet their clash is immediate; Vivienne doesn't play by the rules and doesn't seem interested in her calling. Paul is horrified to learn she agreed to be an official Speaker only to get revenge on the evil spirit who killed her aunt, and he's even more horrified when he realizes his attraction to her goes beyond their bond as partners.

FRAGILE SPIRITS is a great read for anyone looking for a new supernatural world to explore

As an evil spirit becomes more and more violent towards Paul's friend Lenzi (another Speaker), Paul and Vivienne have to learn to work together. They can’t, though, until Paul stops hiding his painful past and Vivienne stops hiding behind her tough facade.

FRAGILE SPIRITS keeps an excellent balance between romance and action, and confessions and mystery. The pain of Paul's childhood is revealed slowly, and the build to the big reveal creates a lot of dramatic tension. The budding romantic relationship between him and Vivienne is also built slowly and realistically, from the first physical attraction to Paul's constant fight within himself between what he wants and what he thinks is right.

The author jumps right into the world of Speakers and Protectors without a ton of explanation up front, which can get confusing, but it makes for a satisfyingly quick pace. The resolution seems a little too quick, and too neatly wrapped up, but it's what readers will want.

FRAGILE SPIRITS is a great read for anyone looking for a new supernatural world to explore.

Reviewed by Molly Horan on January 17, 2014

Fragile Spirits
by Mary Lindsey