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Fragile Like Us


Fragile Like Us

Despite going to different schools, best friends Caddy and Rosie have always been inseparable. Ever the quiet one, Caddy has mostly been content to live in Rosie’s shadow, whilst Rosie flits from one party to the next, always center of attention.

However, when a new girl named Suzanne comes to town, Caddy and Rosie’s friendship begins to feel the strain. Suzanne’s exciting, super cool life is a huge draw for Caddy, and soon the cracks begin to show. Is their friendship strong enough to withstand everything that is coming their way?

"FRAGILE LIKE US is a sensitively written book....Barnard has a real talent for writing friendships that feel completely believable."

FRAGILE LIKE US is a sensitively written book about mental health, family issues and teen friendship. Suzanne’s story is heartbreaking and Caddy’s need to try and help with issues beyond her understanding is one that many teens will be able to relate to. All three of the girls are engaging characters, and feel very real throughout, allowing for difficult conversations to be had and wrong decisions to be explored.

Barnard has a real talent for writing friendships that feel completely believable. Caddy’s longing to step out of the background is massively relatable, as is the way in which Suzanne offers her the way in which to do so. Suzanne’s brash, rebellious exterior is well balanced with her broken, vulnerable nature that she tries so hard to hide and her difficulties in dealing with the issues in her life are sympathetically explored, without romanticizing her problems.

Whilst some of the scenarios do feel a little convenient at times, FRAGILE LIKE US is a gripping read and a fascinating snapshot of teenage life.

Reviewed by Becca Watts on July 28, 2017

Fragile Like Us
by Sara Barnard