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Forever Princess: Princess Diaries, Volume X


Forever Princess: Princess Diaries, Volume X

The final episode in the popular Princess Diaries series will surprise and delight. Once again, Meg Cabot is able to take the fun fantasy princess angle and apply it to a realistic, funny and endearing teen who is wondering who she is and what she wants out of life. 

Princess Mia Thermopolis is now two years older than in the previous book, PRINCESS MIA. She is still dating J.P., is turning 18 in a week, and has been accepted to every college she applied to yet has no idea where she wants to go. She also secretly wrote a romance novel for her final Gifted and Talented project; titled RANSOM MY HEART, she sent the book out to publishers, although she told everyone she was writing a paper on the history of Genovian oil pressing, circa 1254-1650. There is a lot going on as always with Mia, but this time even a few more complications arise. 

First, Michael has come back to New York, more fabulous and successful than Mia could have imagined after his time in Japan. While Mia and Lily are still barely civil to each other, she and Michael have emailed occasionally. He would like to read her final project, but she is terrified at the thought of showing it to anybody. The thing is, no one else has asked --- not even her family or her boyfriend. Meanwhile, her grandmother, the Queen, has arranged an over-the-top birthday party on a yacht with famous people and has learned to text. As a result, Mia constantly receives messages about guests, decorations and more for the party. And her father, the Prince, has to run for Prime Minister because of what Mia uncovered previously. Now her father is losing in the polls --- to Mia’s ridiculous cousin. 

Everyone is talking about college and the future, but Mia has told no one that she was accepted at every elite Ivy League school to which she applied. She feels this happened only because of her Princess status. What college really wants her for herself?  

The other subject on everyone’s mind at school is prom. Mia doesn’t really want to go, and J.P. hasn’t actually asked her. Her friends are all planning to have private after-proms with their boyfriends, and Mia still doesn’t know if she is ready to take that step with J.P. or with anyone. After seeing Michael again, more questions come up about who she really loves. J.P. is still wonderful, but he doesn’t smell the same way Michael does. Even after she bought J.P. cologne. 

Cabot, writing as Mia Thermopolis, has penned a romance for a slightly older audience called RANSOM MY HEART, which will benefit Greenpeace, so readers will not have to say goodbye to Mia just yet. “Mia” is even blogging at While that reality from a character is a bit of a mindbender, it highlights the power that works so well in Cabot’s novels and especially in the Princess Diaries series: this crazy situation of being a teenage princess is somehow totally relatable. Mia’s concerns about sex, prom, college and life in general could be happening to any 18-year-old. The yacht parties, designer clothes and international maneuvering add a layer of fun escape in an intelligent book. FOREVER PRINCESS is a fitting end for a Princess. 

Reviewed by Amy Alessio on January 6, 2009

Forever Princess: Princess Diaries, Volume X
by Meg Cabot

  • Publication Date: December 29, 2009
  • Genres: Fiction
  • Paperback: 416 pages
  • Publisher: HarperTeen
  • ISBN-10: 0061232947
  • ISBN-13: 9780061232947