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Forever in Love


Forever in Love

Summer sizzles in the City for college bound teens Sadie, Darcy and Rosanna, who become roommates just months before fall classes begin at the University of New York. Scorching temperatures, rocky romances and personal setbacks bring the girls closer together. In this last book in the City Love trilogy, author Susane Colasanti offers young audiences an addicting read of sisterhood, survival and self-acceptance. FOREVER IN LOVE illustrates how “the best thing a girl can do when her life is in shambles is find comfort in her friends.”

"Reading FOREVER IN LOVE is like taking a stroll in New York City. Susane Colasanti describes a vibrant city of endless possibilities through the eyes of the three optimistic college freshmen."

The cleverly crafted novel unfolds from each of the friend’s perspectives. This rotating point-of-view gives the book a sincerity, yet it can be a bit confusing at first --- until the reader comes to recognize the voice of each girl. Sadie, the sensible New York City native, must come to terms with why her brother attempted suicide while away at college. Now living just blocks away from where she grew up in the West Village, she still finds freedom in her new summer housing at UNY. Freedom is forced upon Darcy, the glam girl from Santa Monica, when she finds herself cut off financially from her daddy, who is guilty of tax fraud and leaves his family for another woman. The stylish partygoer who has always been on “the other side of the counter” grapples with her new job as a barista, trying to make ends meet. Finally, Rosanna, the forever frugal Midwest teen whose family cannot afford smartphones or cable, has come to New York to make a “shiny new” start. Molested as a child, she finds herself revisiting the past as she rescues an eight-year-old girl from similar abuse. As you follow each storyline, you will probably find a connection with one of these resilient roommates.

Of course, these roommates are “forever in love” as the novel’s title suggests. Yet, finding true romance in Manhattan can be harder than finding an affordable apartment. Sadie seems to think that Austin is her soulmate, since the two “fit together like puzzle pieces,” but Austin has been hiding the fact that he’s still married. Similarly, Rosanna feels that Donovan is not completely honest with her as he may still be in love with his ex-girlfriend. And Darcy’s ex-boyfriend, Jude, could offer her a real relationship if she could give up on the disingenuous Logan. Not surprisingly, the new best friends rely on each other for advice, and what better place to talk it all out but at the “Coffee Shop” (think Central Perk in “Friends”)?

Crowded coffee shops. Romantic bars. Snarling traffic. Shiny skyscrapers. Reading FOREVER IN LOVE is like taking a stroll in New York City. Susane Colasanti describes a vibrant city of endless possibilities through the eyes of the three optimistic college freshmen. Sadie says that the striking skyscrapers make her feel like “any dream can become reality,” and Rosanna says that the potential of her new life gives her a “natural high all day.” Moreover, Darcy loves the intensity, the drive and the passion of the city. As she observes Jude’s successful start-up company, she professes that the “energy is like a drug I live on.” Nevertheless, not all New Yorkers are “zillionaire” entrepreneurs.

When Austin, who is on a budget, goes to look for an apartment with Sadie (he is no longer living with his wife), readers get a glimpse of affordable New York real estate. Sadie walks “over to the bathtub sitting right out on the kitchen floor between the stove and the refrigerator. The other side of the refrigerator is almost touching a couch in the tiny space Austin’s broker, Maxine, keeps insisting is a living room….” To make matters worse, the apartment does not even include a traditional bathroom. You must be “forever in love” with New York to live like that!

FOREVER IN LOVE is truly a love story of a city, friendship and of oneself. Escape to New York this summer where “anything is possible!” Author Susane Colasanti offers humorous, witty writing that you won’t put down. Sadie, Darcy and Rosanna are roommates to remember.

Reviewed by Juliette G., Teen Board Member on July 16, 2017

Forever in Love
(City Love Trilogy #3)
by Susane Colasanti