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Forever, Again


Forever, Again

Victoria Laure is a well-known author who has written 30 books and counting. She is known for her two adult mystery series, The Psychic Eye Mysteries and The Ghost Hunter Mysteries. She does venture from adult mysteries to write a children’s fantasy trilogy, Oracles of Delphi Keep. The last book in this trilogy was published in 2012. Victoria Laurie is not new to the Young Adult genre either having written WHEN, released in 2015 and most recently, FOREVER, AGAIN released in December 2016.

"Laurie did a great job crafting that unexpected ending, while leaving all the right clues yet still stunning the reader with the twist....FOREVER, AGAIN is a perfect read for any mystery-loving teen book sleuth out there."

FOREVER, AGAIN follows the story of a girl named Lily who is dealing with her parents recent divorce, breaking up with her best friend and boyfriend, and moving to a whole new unfamiliar town and school. On her first day she meets a boy named Cole who she has an immediate connection with and she feels very familiar with him. She even calls him “Spence,” despite never knowing anyone named Spence. After finding an article online, Lily learns that there was a murder in this town 30 years ago. A girl named Amber murdered her boyfriend, Spence, in 1985 and Lily feels a strange connection to her. What makes it even weirder is that Cole is Spence’s nephew. Lily cannot explain this connection to Amber and is constantly awakened by recurring nightmares involving a field on fire and finding a dead boy she knows she loves. She is losing sleep and will always wake up crying. Lily gets to a point where she cannot take it anymore so she decides to investigate this murder story more because the murder sounds eerily similar to her nightmares. She and Cole team up together and investigate the case while also forming a strong and exciting new relationship. They learn that things may not be as they seem.

I thought this book was very enjoyable. It was a good pace and the mystery kept moving along. The characters were not relatable, but it makes sense because of what they are going through. I still felt a connection to the characters and cared for them deeply. Although the characters may be lacking in relatability, the fast-paced, intricate plot definitely makes up for it. It is a mystery, paranormal, romance and contemporary story all rolled into one. The ending of this book did take me by surprise and I definitely did not see it coming. Victoria Laurie did a great job crafting that unexpected ending, while leaving all the right clues yet still stunning the reader with the twist. This book is told in multiple points of views switching between Lily in present time, and Amber’s experiences in the past. It is very fun and entertaining to see the relationship dynamic between Amber and Spence and see the evolving connection between Lily and Cole, as well. Both sides of the story are very interesting and are sure to enthrall anyone. It is a fresh new mystery story that is very unique. It does not focus only on the mystery, but also focuses on the relationships and family dynamics with the struggles of friends, school and making tough decisions. This book is filled with unexpected twists, secrets, betrayal, romance, friendship and family. It definitely has something for everyone.

I recommend this book to any teen who wants a bit of everything. This story has aspects of things many people are interested in reading about. However, I think this book is best suited for teens looking for a dark exciting mystery which focuses not only on the mystery, but the characters’ lives as well. It is fast paced, but not too fast. If you want a mystery, but a story that reads like a contemporary, then this is for you. If you want characters dealing with hardships and also a strange connection to a past crime, then this is for you. FOREVER, AGAIN is a perfect read for any mystery-loving teen book sleuth out there.

Reviewed by Shannon C., Teen Board Member on January 25, 2017

Forever, Again
by Victoria Laurie