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Follow Me (The Amateurs, Book 2)


Follow Me (The Amateurs, Book 2)

Sarah Shepard, New York Times bestselling author of the hit Pretty Little Liars and Lying Game series, writes a suspenseful and mind-twisting story in FOLLOW ME --- the second novel in The Amateurs series.

After the jaw-dropping ending of THE AMATEURS, Seneca and the rest of the mystery-solving Case-Not-Closed team have been left reeling for answers about who actually murdered Aerin’s sister, Helena. As their trail of clues begins to dry up, all hope seems lost. However, when the team receives a letter from the killer himself, they engage in a game of life or death.

Chelsea Dawson, a social media star identical to Aerin’s sister, has vanished, and the killer has challenged the team to find Chelsea before she faces the same cruel fate as many others have before her. Determined to crack the case, the team heads to the Jersey Shore ready to begin their latest investigation; however, with each clue they find, they may just be playing straight into the killer’s twisted plans.

"FOLLOW ME is truly a sensational novel that will leave all mystery and crime lovers feeling satisfied and yearning for more of Sarah Shepard’s mysteriously addictive tales."

After reading THE AMATEURS, I had pretty mixed feelings about the novel as a whole. While I had loved the mystery and intensity, there was a definite lack of character development and many plot holes throughout the story. However, Shepard sucked me in with her shocking twist ending, and I have been looking forward to FOLLOW ME ever since.  

The stakes for the Case-Not-Closed team are higher than they’ve ever been in FOLLOW ME, and I could feel the panic and tension in each of the characters as they struggle to locate Chelsea before the killer executes his brutal plans. I wouldn’t say there was necessarily a lot of traditional mystery in this sequel due to the fact that the reader knows who the killer is the entire time. Nonetheless, there was an endless amount of suspense due to the constant mind games and tricks that the killer plays with the main characters, and my mind was absolutely captivated as I tried to figure out what would happen next.

My one main criticism of THE AMATEURS was that I didn’t feel much of a connection to any of the main characters nor was there much character development throughout the novel, and sadly, FOLLOW ME is alike to THE AMATEURS in that sense as well. Every interaction between the characters seemed rather surface-level, and I felt that many of the characters didn’t contribute much to the story and existed for no reason. The one character whose perspective managed to capture my attention, though, was the killer. Following his chilling yet fascinating point of view was a creepy experience, and I think Shepard managed to pull off writing the mind of a serial killer quite well. Overall, I would not consider this series as character driven; however, I do feel that the mystery and suspense are able to make up for that.

While readers may find some parts of FOLLOW ME a bit slow at times, Shepard will dazzle readers more and more as they approach the ending of the novel. By the time I reached the last page, I had been completely hooked to the story and blown away by all the twists that were revealed. Shepard definitely guaranteed that I will be reading the next novel in this series, because she is a clear expert at crafting unpredictable endings, and I cannot wait to read the final novel in this series as I have no clue as to how this story will possibly wrap up.

FOLLOW ME is truly a sensational novel that will leave all mystery and crime lovers feeling satisfied and yearning for more of Sarah Shepard’s mysteriously addictive tales.

Reviewed by Makayla H., Teen Board Member on January 26, 2018

Follow Me (The Amateurs, Book 2)
by Sara Shepard