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Fling Club (The Serendipity Series, Book 1)


Fling Club (The Serendipity Series, Book 1)

Summer sizzles in the Hamptons where young socialites find fleeting romance at Fling Club. Within this secret female society, girls select guys as escorts to all of the season’s festivities. But this season, Cherry Kennedy searches for a special someone to participate in a revenge plot --- a plan to settle the score with Fling Club founder Cait Landry, who slept with Cherry’s ex-boyfriend. When struggling MIT student Ashley Jardine applies for the paying position, he enters a glitzy world of games, rules and deception. FLING CLUB is a sexy story of spoiled post-millennials entertaining themselves at the beach.

"FLING CLUB reads like an entertaining Lifetime movie script. Its extravagant settings, attractive characters and riveting revenge plotline make it a must-read for summer."

Escape to the beach with author Tara Brown, and you will experience the opulence and wealth of the “upper crust.” From the Kennedy’s four-story brick town home on East Sixty-Ninth Street half a block from Fifth Avenue to a mega mansion on Dune Road facing the Atlantic Ocean, Ashley is transported to the playground of the rich. Chauffeured cars, country club dinners and yachts come with his job. The lavish settings give the book much of its appeal, and I enjoyed imagining such luxury.

Cheryl (Cherry) Kennedy has known luxury all of her life. The “drop-dead-gorgeous debutante,” whose distant cousins are the famous Kennedy clan, has been a member of the exclusive Fling Club since she was 15. Cherry feels stifled by a world where arranged marriages still exist and considers her life “scripted.” As the smart and savvy Wellesley senior plots to take down the club that validates her place in society, she begins to yearn for another existence --- one that includes the down-to-earth Ashley Jardine. Cherry becomes the heroine of the novel, but it is hard to feel sorry for this “broken rich girl.”

Ashley Michael Jardine “loathes rich girls and their drama and nonsense.” However, the Scottish robotics whiz is not turning down twenty thousand dollars to spend a summer in the Hamptons pretending to be rich. The tall blue-eyed hunk even gets a makeover for his role: a new haircut, designer duds and teeth whitening. According to Cherry, “it was the moment Clark Kent became Superman.” Ashley has the looks and charm to lure Cait into this trap and infiltrate Fling Club. Readers will enjoy his transformation from geek to “god.”

Not surprisingly, Ashley and Cherry fall for each other while Ashley acts as Caitlyn’s “fling” for the season. Since the book is narrated by both main characters, the audience gets a glimpse of their relationship from each perspective. At first, Cherry does not want Ashley to take the job because “he was too cute.” She asks herself, “This was our geek?” She thinks he is perfect. Perfect for her. And Ashley admits that Cherry was “too beautiful to not want” and working for her was like “being tormented by forbidden fruit.” Subsequently, Ashley and Cherry’s passionate romance heats up the pages. Be prepared for steamy scenes and intimate details.

FLING CLUB reads like an entertaining Lifetime movie script. Its extravagant settings, attractive characters and riveting revenge plotline make it a must-read for summer. Before heading back to school, enjoy a fling with FLING CLUB.

Reviewed by Juliette G., Teen Board Member on September 12, 2018

Fling Club (The Serendipity Series, Book 1)
by Tara Brown