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Flight Season: A Novel


Flight Season: A Novel

Marie Marquardt is a young adult novelist, college professor and immigration rights activist residing in Decatur, Georgia. Her first novel, DREAM THINGS TRUE, and her second novel, THE RADIUS OF US, were published in 2015 and 2017. Her career focus is on illuminating the struggles of undocumented immigrants from Latin America in the United States. Her newest release, FLIGHT SEASON, extends these ideas in an incredibly compelling and innovative manner.

FLIGHT SEASON is the story of Vivi, TJ and Angel, who are all spending their summer in St. Augustine for very different reasons. Through Vivi’s internship at the hospital where Angel is a patient and TJ is a nurse’s aide, the group creates a tight-knit love for one another. Vivi’s dad recently passed away, and since then she has been placed on academic probation at Yale and must complete an internship at the hospital to pass her classes. TJ is working at both the hospital and his family’s Brazilian restaurant. Angel is an undocumented immigrant and orphan from Guatemala, struggling with severe and life-threatening heart disease.

"Continually emotional and thought-provoking...FLIGHT SEASON may be [Marquardt's] best novel yet, and it is bound to leave a lasting impact on readers."

Having read Marquardt’s first two novels, I had high expectations for this book. She truly knows how to get her readers to think about important issues and internalize the experiences of others. Each of her books approaches the same subject from a different angle, and I am always impressed by the direction she ultimately chooses to take with her characters and plot. Continually emotional and thought-provoking, Marquardt’s books continue to affect my worldview long after I have finished reading them. FLIGHT SEASON may be her best novel yet, and it is bound to leave a lasting impact on readers.

Told through the alternating points of view of Vivi, TJ and Angel, FLIGHT SEASON allows the reader to experience the story from vastly different perspectives and backgrounds. Vivi’s story was full of self-discovery and learning to be satisfied with yourself the way you are. TJ contrasted Vivi very well as a love interest because he seemed to have his entire life figured out. Angel was a surprise favorite for me, as he was the one character who provided insightful views on the essential parts of life and happiness. All of the supporting characters at the hospital were allowed some development but mostly assisted the main characters in reaching their aspirations. Vivi’s mom was a frustrating character, but also a realistic one who I feel was critical to include in the story in the story.

This novel includes a theme of birds that is evident in the title and illustrations. Every chapter begins with a sketch from Vivi’s journal of birds, her seemingly greatest passion in life. An intriguing and unique aspect of the novel, the inclusion of bird classification added an element of quirkiness to the story that I rarely see. They also allowed a compelling glimpse into Vivi’s mind beyond her direct thoughts.

I would recommend this novel to fans of Marquardt’s other two books, as this one represents her writing style perfectly. Readers looking to become more aware of immigration issues and read from diverse characters will want to pick up FLIGHT SEASON. Those who love aspects of romance, coming-of-age and college-aged characters will most likely enjoy reading this book.

Reviewed by Grace P., Teen Board Member on March 12, 2018

Flight Season: A Novel
by Marie Marquardt