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FLAWED, by Cecilia Ahern, introduces to Celestine, a model female living in a dystopian world. Celestine has the perfect boyfriend, whose father is the head judge of the Guild, a court that decides whether the accused is Flawed or not after intensive questioning. Celestine has always followed the rules and stays away from the Flawed just as the government wants. The Flawed are rule breakers and are never to be helped by citizens. But when a Flawed man is seen dying at the front end of the bus, Celestine makes a decision that destroys her image --- she helps him. In Celestine’s eyes, this is a moral issue and she simply cannot allow an old man to die because two Unflawed people decided to take his seat. In the eyes of the government, however, this is a sign of rebellion. Not wanting to be marked as Flawed, Celestine receives all the help she can get from her boyfriend’s father; but, in the end it’s up to Celestine. Will she hide her true intentions and become a monster in her mind or reveal her true intentions and become Flawed?
"FLAWED is a book that forces readers to question whether it’s better to follow one’s beliefs or to blindly obey laws, no matter the consequences."
FLAWED is a book that forces readers to question whether it’s better to follow one’s beliefs or to blindly obey laws, no matter the consequences.  That’s one of the reasons why I found FLAWED to be such an interesting read. Questioning the laws set by futuristic governments is a plot device that is growing more and more popular; however, this is one of the first I’ve read that displays both a large case of discrimination --- to the point of segregation --- as well as a government punishing people for saving the lives of others. I also really liked following the growth of Celestine. She blossomed from a girl who didn’t dare speak up to anyone to a woman who took pride in speaking her mind. It was a truly inspirational text that I really enjoyed.
The only thing I found unsettling about the story was the timing. There were chapters that I felt were way too long and other parts that were so rushed I had to reread them several times in order to understand what happened. I was also unhappy with the ending because the author left it as a cliffhanger. Overall, I would recommend this book to those who found novels like THE SELECTION interesting. It’s definitely a book that will have one thinking deeply about their actions. 

Reviewed by Alyssa L., Teen Board Member on April 26, 2016

(Flawed #1)
by Cecelia Ahern