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Fire & Heist


Fire & Heist

Do you dream of a world where humans can turn into dragons? Where these families are held in higher esteem than reality TV stars by the public? Where performing your first heist is their version of a social debut? Then turn in your own hoard of gold at the bookstore and grab a copy of FIRE & HEIST by Sarah Beth Durst.

Sky Hawkins is no ordinary rich girl. She’s a wyvern, a human exiled from a different world --- one where humans can transform into dragons. Now that she’s 16, she should be planning her first heist, a symbolic robbery where she begins her own hoard and proves to the rest of wyvern society that she belongs.

"There is something so perfect about the fantasy world Durst has created in this book….Beyond heists and villainous secrets, there are some fantastic messages written into this book."

If only her mother hadn’t disappeared after her last heist. And the council hadn’t taken half their wealth as punishment. And Sky’s boyfriend didn’t just reject her in front of the entire wyvern society. Planning her heist might be easier without these details, but Sky wasn’t raised to play it safe, so when she discovers a clue about where her mom went, she knows she has to recreate her failed heist. Which is also her first. Oh, and she can’t tell anyone her plans.

The plan is risky. Her crew is handpicked. The odds are higher than she ever dreamed. And she has more questions than answers. Sky thinks she knows that this is the only way. The path that will get back everything she lost, and the people she loves. But what if the truth is more valuable than gold? What will the powerful were-dragons in her society do to protect it?

Wyverns. Were-Dragons. Heists. Did I mention the were-dragons? There is something so perfect about the fantasy world Durst has created in this book. It is very modern, with wyverns living in a society we all know and recognize as a version of our own modern world. But she manages to weave were-dragons, magic, and other realms into this world so seamlessly, you’ll probably try to google “wyvern society.” It feels that real!

I had so much fun reading this book. FIRE & HEIST is not a fantasy world that takes itself seriously. The things Sky deals with aren’t all cupcakes and kittens. But she never lets herself sink into despair. She’s stubborn and determined and delightfully cheeky. She has a gritty optimism that had me on team Sky from the very first page. She’s the kind of girl I’d be friends with, and that made this read all the more enjoyable for me. And Gabriela! I am here for that human!!!

Beyond heists and villainous secrets, there are some fantastic messages written into this book. Trying to figure out where you fit in the world, including within your own family, is one of the strongest themes in the plot. Figuring out who your true friends are, and not being constrained by what society thinks you should do, along with loyalty, relationships, first love and doing what’s right, even when it’s hard. These are all written very realistically, but not in a way that detracts from the overall feel of the book. It makes the story and the characters feel very relatable.

On top of all that, it’s a book that is fun, and funny and leaves you in a good mood. I think that’s my absolute favorite thing about FIRE & HEIST. Besides the were-dragons. And the heists. Now, go make room in your vault, or library, because if you love sarcasm and hijinks, you’re going to need this book!

Reviewed by Jena Brown on December 18, 2018

Fire & Heist
by Sarah Beth Durst