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Fire & Flood


Fire & Flood

An ultimate battle of survival where more than one life is at stake…
After her brother Cody falls seriously ill, Tella Holloway’s parents pick up the family and move to middle-of-nowhere Montana, hoping the fresh air will revive Cody. Bored out of her mind and witnessing her older brother deteriorate every day, Tella is at a complete loss as to what to do. But when a mysterious blue box appears on her bed one day, Tella receives the only chance she may ever have to save Cody’s life.
Inside the box is an invitation to compete as a Contender in the Brimstone Bleed, an epic race across four different terrains: jungle, desert, ocean and mountain. Only one person can win, but not everyone will survive. With this ultimate risk comes the ultimate prize --- a single dose of the Cure to be used on a loved one.

"The pace never lets up and readers will remain on the edge of their seats, hearts pounding as new dangers arise and the mystery behind the Brimstone Bleed begins to unravel."

Tella has never heard of the Brimstone Bleed but knows she cannot pass up this opportunity to rescue Cody from his fatal disease. So Tella becomes a Contender, selects her Pandora (a genetically altered animal that will aid her during the race), and suddenly finds herself in the middle of a vast jungle --- the first leg of a physically and mentally exhausting three-month race. Along the way, Tella forms some crucial allies with the other Contenders. However, everyone in the race is determined to be the one who wins the Cure for a family member suffering back home, and Tella must decide if any of her companions can be trusted. In the midst of a foreign terrain, Tella begins to realize that the Brimstone Bleed is much bigger than she ever imagined, and that what’s even scarier than any of the horrors she faces in the race is the question: why are so many people falling victim to the same sickness?
In FIRE & FLOOD, Victoria Scott creates a dynamic cast of characters, some admirable and some abhorrent, who compete in the Brimstone Bleed for very personal reasons. Tella musters extraordinary strength and shows compassion and a hero’s willingness to sacrifice herself for others. But what makes her truly relatable and endearing is her sassy commentary and typical teenage-girl longing for the luxuries she left at home. Other standout Contenders include the stoic beauty, Harper, who emerges as a fierce leader, and Guy, whose incredible strength and cleverness make it seem as though he was born and bred to compete in this race. Tella constantly feels Guy’s gaze on her, radiating a mix of emotions ranging from hostility to amusement. But can Tella give in to her feelings for Guy while still remaining dedicated to her mission to save Cody?
As the race progresses, emotions run high and challenges seem insurmountable. The pace never lets up and readers will remain on the edge of their seats, hearts pounding as new dangers arise and the mystery behind the Brimstone Bleed begins to unravel. FIRE & FLOOD is a captivating, adrenaline-inducing novel that sets the stage for a thrilling sequel to reveal which Contender will win the race, and at what cost.

Reviewed by Sabrina Abballe on March 5, 2014

Fire & Flood
by Victoria Scott