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Finding Felicity


Finding Felicity

Caroline Sands has never really enjoyed making new friends. When her parents split and she moves to Arizona with her mother, it only becomes harder for her to find someone to talk to. In an attempt to make her mom happy, Caroline pretends to be friends with the characters from the 1990s television show, “Felicity.” Her plan works for a while, but disaster looms when her mom discovers that her friends aren’t real. Before she goes to college, Caroline makes a deal with her mom --- she has to make real friends and do well in the new environment, or she’s coming home for good. In Stacey Kade’s FINDING FELICITY, readers will follow Caroline’s journey through college as she attempts to fit in at a new place.

"I absolutely LOVED this book....Caroline was a great narrator. She was funny, honest and flawed, with a voice reminiscent of a teenage girl."

I absolutely LOVED this book. I found it nearly impossible to put down, and I read the whole thing in almost one sitting. Caroline was a great narrator. She was funny, honest and flawed, with a voice reminiscent of a teenage girl. Even though the ending of the book was a logical stopping point, I honestly wish it had been even longer. I was enjoying it so much that I could’ve easily read about Caroline’s second semester at college as well. I feel like there are very few young adult books set in college, and it was nice to see one that featured a slightly older character while still fitting firmly into the YA category.

The majority of this book is focused on how Caroline grows as a person, and I definitely feel like this was handled very well. While she definitely has her moments, she is overall a very likable character. This makes readers want to root for her to succeed at college so she doesn’t have to move back home. Caroline had such an incredible character arc, and I loved how things ended for her. In a book largely focused on the main character, it would have been very easy for Kade to ignore the minor characters. However, she went above and beyond in developing them. While the plot was mostly about Caroline, I also thought that the secondary characters experienced a lot of development, especially Lexi, Caroline’s roommate.

I would absolutely recommend FINDING FELICITY to anyone who enjoyed reading FANGIRL by Rainbow Rowell. The two books definitely reminded me of each other, but they were also very different. I think that those who will be able to relate to Caroline’s love of a fictional world will enjoy this book. Fans of the TV show “Felicity” would also enjoy reading FINDING FELICITY. My mom loved the show when it was on TV, and she read the book and liked it a lot. It also inspired me to watch the show for myself just to see what it’s all about, and I plan on adding it to my list to watch! (It’s on the ABC website if any other readers are interested in watching.) I also feel that readers preparing for college would definitely enjoy FINDING FELICITY. I’ll be going to college soon, and it was enjoyable for me to read a book focusing on the college experience.

Reviewed by Breck G., Teen Board Member on April 9, 2018

Finding Felicity
by Stacey Kade