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Ferocious (Vicarious)


Ferocious (Vicarious)

As the sequel for VICARIOUS, I expected a lot from FEROCIOUS and Paula Stokes definitely did not disappoint.

Starting where VICARIOUS ended, Winter Kim is on the move once again. In search of the one who killed the two people she loved the most, Winter heads off to LA to meet Kyung, the man who started all of the troubles of her life. However, with Jesse and Sebastian, the only two people she can somewhat trust that are still alive, still in the hospital, she does this journey alone and sets up all of her normal precautions. With Kyung tangling bait for Winter to grab onto, she knows she has to have the element of surprise on her side if she wants to even hope for a chance at meeting the brother she forgot about and getting back to St. Louis alive.

"I would recommend FEROCIOUS to any readers who enjoy an action-packed book that also enjoyed reading VICARIOUS. I personally found this book better than the first..."

The end of their fight proves difficult as they continue to trap one another and escape from it until both Kyung and Winter end up in South Korea, their motherland, with Winter hoping to end things where it started. Even more thrilling than the first book, FEROCIOUS focuses on the more action-packed scenes and development of characters rather than setting up the plot and I absolutely enjoyed it.

Stokes filled this book with a lot of different aspects that wouldn’t seem to be able to fit together but she wrote it so beautifully well. Packed with action from the fight scenes, the book also contains a hint of romance as a relationship blooms, mental illness awareness with details on dissociative identity disorder, and questions the necessity of revenge. Not only was the story’s plot refreshingly different from what many other books are producing, the story in itself was very well written. Although there were a lot of events occurring at the same time along with many different emotions, the story was presented in a timely fashion that allowed for certain aspects to be explored in greater detail so that readers could better understand the important things while also just briefly laying down the tracks leading up to another major event. The details in her writing along with the input of some Korean words once again allowed for a more realistic approach that draws readers deeper into her novel.

This was the one aspect that I felt differed the most from other novels that place a book in a foreign setting but very rarely actually show how different that setting us by detailing cultural foods, habits, words, etc. FEROCIOUS seemed to transport me to Korea alongside Winter Kim and that’s what makes the book, as well as the sequel in general, such a great read.

Overall, I would recommend FEROCIOUS to any readers who enjoy an action-packed book that also enjoyed reading VICARIOUS. I personally found this book better than the first so even if VICARIOUS wasn’t all too interesting, checking out FEROCIOUS should still be on your to-do list as I feel the story line in this book was more interesting.

Reviewed by Alyssa L., Teen Board Member on July 19, 2017

Ferocious (Vicarious)
(Vicarious #2)
by Paula Stokes