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The lines between hunter, bait and prey blurs in Patrick Weekes newest novel, FEEDER. Author of DRAGON AGE: MASKED EMPIRE, Weekes presents a fast-paced story of fantastical monsters and heroism amidst survival that will leave readers clinging to the edges of their seats. With humor, frankness and a battle between despair and hope, readers will be left with a new understanding of what it means to be human that will endure even after the rush of adrenaline.


The world has been mysteriously flooded with water, leaving countries to adapt to a more aquatic lifestyle. With an inter-dimensional being called Handler, Lori Fisher makes a living for her and her little brother by hunting people-eating-monsters called feeders. But when one dangerous job at the Lake Foundation leaves Lori running for her life, she is forced to team up with the Nix --- teenagers with aquatic superpowers who were trapped and tested on by the Lake Foundation. At first, Lori’s only goal is to protect her brother and bring down Lake; but as she and her new friends dig deeper into the mystery of the Nix and their origins, they find information that reveals a bigger enemy than they ever dreamed. Questioned with the past she cannot remember, will Lori be able to save the world and prove her humanity? Or will her identity, her connection to Handler and the secrets of the Nix forever remain forgotten as ‘one of those things’…


With a detailed and unique environment, FEEDER blends a sci-fi setting with undertones of fantasy and action. Told through alternating POVs, Weekes uses elements of humor and pop culture --- every so often trailing off on a tangent about comics or movies --- to align this novel with the context of our world. Though some side facts are left out because of the fast-paced speed of the novel, the plot is engaging and dynamic, pulling the reader directly into the action of the conflict. Throughout the novel, Lori and Nix face more than just otherworldly beings in this new reality; the marks that society leaves can cause the greatest damage. Relying on each other to turn hurt into strength, they embody this human struggle: to find healing by facing pain, or trying to forget it.


Lori and the Nix --- Iara, Hawk, Tapper and Maya --- are everyday teenagers who face very real challenges, from ‘dis’ abilities to sexuality to depression. Through the eyes of the characters, Weekes uses the experiences of the characters to show how the judgements of others shape a person’s identity. Through this, the readers minds are opened to not ‘otherize’ people because of their differences, whether superpowers or otherwise. Breaking free from the stereotypes that society imposes on them, Lori and the Nix not only develop their character arcs but also become relatable to the reader.


Charismatic and thrilling, FEEDER is not only an action-packed adventure with superheroes and aliens, but also a story of hope, healing and identity. Readers will root for Lori and her friends throughout their whole journey, rolling with the punches as well as empathizing with their experiences. With a slow-cooking plot, constant action and characters that are realer than any superhero, FEEDER is the next great read for anyone looking for adventure and heart.

Reviewed by Lauren Conser on June 19, 2018

by Patrick Weekes