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C. Desir, author of Fault Line

Stereotypically, girl books are pink, have a girl on the cover and FILLED with sickeningly sweet romance. Boy books, on the other hand, are darker, have blood dripping or something more creepy on the cover and there are NO girls to be found. But we all know this isn't true, right? There are books that boys AND girls love!!!'s “He Said/She Said” feature aims to highlight a book each month to discuss its guy and girl appeal.

Last week, we put up a cover survey to ask YOU if you thought FAULT LINE by C. Desir looked like a boy book, a girl book or both based on it's cover. Out of all of you who answered, a majority 76% said the book looks like it's a book for boys AND girls, 22% of you said it looked like a boy book and 2% said it looked like a girl book. Looks like while most of you said that this book is for both boys and girls, this book may be one more slanted towards dudes. Let's see what the Teen Board members think!

Here, Brandon and Keara from our Teen Board talk about their thoughts on the book. The twist? They never saw the cover, title or author name! So they are weighing in without the visuals or context which may sway their opinions. Let's see what they have to say!

C. Desir, author of Fault Line

In a single night, Ani’s life was torn to shreds --- and Ben struggles with the weight of trying to fix the unfixable in this heartbreaking and edgy debut novel.

Ben could date anyone he wants, but he only has eyes for the new girl --- sarcastic, free-spirited Ani. Luckily for Ben, Ani wants him, too. She’s everything Ben could ever imagine. Everything he could ever want.

But that all changes after the party. The one Ben misses. The one Ani goes to alone.