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Falter Kingdom


Falter Kingdom

Michael J. Seidlinger is the author of multiple novels including THE STRANGEST, THE FUN WE’VE HAD, and THE LAUGHTER OF STRANGERS. He is the Book Reviews Editor at Electric Literature and the Publisher-In-Chief of Civil Coping Mechanisms, an indie press for innovative writing. FALTER KINGDOM is Seidlinger’s first YA novel.

FALTER KINGDOM follows a high school senior, Hunter Warden. In Hunter's town, there is a tunnel called "Falter Kingdom" where you are supposed to be able to catch a demon if you run through it. This novel is all about him running "Falter Kingdom" and the consequences that are inflicted on him for doing that. Hunter's life is a mix of the troubles of everyday high school life and the demon that wants to possess him.

"Seidlinger did a great job creating a plot and mood that was really unique and kept you a little uncomfortable the entire time."

Reading FALTER KINGDOM was a weird experience. Most of the time I was not really sure what was real and what wasn’t. Hunter is somewhat of an unreliable narrator throughout the novel and being inside his head freaks you out. I was unaware of where the plot was going throughout the story, it was basically getting a stream of consciousness from Hunter the entire time. It was definitely an interesting way to experience a story and it kept me guessing.

The genre of FALTER KINGDOM is hard to discern. Was it fantasy? Was it paranormal? Was it contemporary? I am not really sure. It kind of depends on what you believe about the existence of the supernatural. I think what you get out of this novel will depend on how you decide to interpret it. I think Seidlinger did a great job creating a plot and mood that was really unique and kept you a little uncomfortable the entire time.

I would recommend FALTER KINGDOM to readers who are looking for a really odd and unique read. If you get creeped out easily, this probably isn’t the book for you. However, is you love being creeped out, you will probably love reading FALTER KINGDOM. This book doesn’t fit perfectly into a certain genre, so it can definitely be enjoyed by a wide variety of readers.

Reviewed by Grace P., Teen Board Member on September 20, 2016

Falter Kingdom
by Michael J. Seidlinger