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False Future (A False Memory Book)


False Future (A False Memory Book)

The stunning conclusion to Dan Krokos’ False Memory series will leave all fans shivering from excitement! This book really was the perfect conclusion to the trilogy.
The all-star cast from the first two books --- Miranda, Peter, Noah, and Rhys --- are back for more action. Their banter left me laughing while they fought for their lives. The relationships between the characters are realistic, and they work well with each other. The characters each have complex personalities that are completely different from one another, and you even get to know each supporting character personally. During the book they battle with the ‘eyeless’ but they are also battling with themselves in their search for who they really are.
This book really was the perfect conclusion to the trilogy.
The ‘eyeless’ are back and are looking for something, and it’s up to Miranda and her crew to find it first. True Earth has revealed itself and has created chaos in New York. This fast-paced story is hard to put down, which also makes this book a quick read. I read it in one sitting because I had to keep flipping the pages. There were several shocking twists that left me gaping. The author’s writing style is something fresh and he isn’t afraid to take risks. He also explored the settings and scientific aspects more than he had in the previous books, which I found enjoyable. He could’ve written a whole book on the world-building alone!
While reading the novel there were some drawbacks, however. The world Dan Krokos has set up is intricate and different, but it left some noticeable plot holes. I felt like the author could have given a better explanation to some of the more scientific things that were happening. They were minor things, though, which is why I recommend this book for those lovers of science fiction who just want something fun and fast-paced.

Reviewed by Christa O., Teen Board Member on August 19, 2014

False Future (A False Memory Book)
by Dan Krokos

  • Publication Date: August 19, 2014
  • Genres: Science Fiction, Youth Fiction
  • Hardcover: 320 pages
  • Publisher: Disney-Hyperion
  • ISBN-10: 1423149874
  • ISBN-13: 9781423149873