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Evil Star: Book Two of The Gatekeepers


Evil Star: Book Two of The Gatekeepers

Raven's Gate has been closed and Matthew Freeman has helped keep the world safe. But that victory is short lived.

Matt Freeman thought his time with the Nexus was over and that life could be as normal as possible. He was placed in the custody of Richard and enrolled in a private school, but nothing was right. Life with Richard was less than extraordinary, school held nothing but bullies, and soon his old foster mother, Gwenda, would drive a fuel truck into the school in an attempt to kill him. Matt, however, has a vision of the traumatic event and saves himself and his classmates, and soon the Nexus comes calling again. There is a new threat.

Saint Joseph, the Mad Monk of Cordoba, had written a diary that foretold many events of history. The diary, long lost, has been found, and within its pages are believed to be the answers to the location of the second gate. It may also contain information that would identify the five young people who would fight to save the world from the Old Ones. When Matt is sent to retrieve the book from its owner, he is once again thrust into danger. Diego Salamanda, a businessman from South America, is also on a quest to retrieve the diary, and he will resort to any means to get it.

With a quick, action-fuelled and movie-like pace, Anthony Horowitz continues his Gatekeepers series with EVIL STAR, taking readers from England down to Peru where Matt will find an ally in Pedro, the second of the illustrious five who have been born with the abilities needed to protect the world from the dark overthrow by the Old Ones.

Throughout the book, Matt is faced with hard, often life-altering decisions.  As often as he would like to walk away and live the life of a normal boy, he knows he must step up to his responsibility and embrace it.

The beauty of Horowitz's vision is that his main characters, while being teenagers, are never cookie-cutter in design. They are complex young people and their conflicts are never overly adult or too juvenile. While imbued with fantasy and fictional situations, these situations never seem beyond the abilities of the young people who must find their way through and they come across as believable. Matt continues to grow in his role, and finding a companion in Pedro gives him a boost in morale. It is always easier to stand when you have a like-minded and equally determined friend beside you.

EVIL STAR is a compelling and engaging adventure, complete with the expected twists and turns. The hooks at the end of each chapter will keep readers glancing at the clock and saying "just one more chapter." Horowitz knows how to draw in his audience and keep them enticed until the very end. And with EVIL STAR, readers are set up nicely for the ensuing follow-up novel.

The only downside is having to wait for it.

Reviewed by Stephen Hubbard on June 1, 2006

Evil Star: Book Two of The Gatekeepers
by Anthony Horowitz

  • Publication Date: June 1, 2006
  • Genres: Fantasy, Horror
  • Hardcover: 320 pages
  • Publisher: Scholastic
  • ISBN-10: 0439679966
  • ISBN-13: 9780439679961