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September 2015

This month's round up includes Leigh Bardugo’s SIX OF CROWS, which takes place in the same world as her earlier series The Grisha Trilogy and features six outcasts who attempt to pull off an impossible heist; T

Mix-it-Up Bookshelf: 20 Books That Think Outside the Box (er, Covers)

Every October, schools around the country participate in National Mix-it-Up Day and encourage students to connect with new people, especially in the cafeteria. "Mixing it up" doesn't just happen in the lunchroom, though --- it happens in the library, too! As it turns out, plenty of authors have been thinking outside the box (er, covers?) these days and shaking up the traditional book form. 

Teen Board Question - March 2016

With spring just around the corner and a new editorial coordinator on staff, we've been thinking a lot about new beginnings. First impressions are very important, especially when you're making the time to pick up a new book amidst school, family and friends. Keeping that in mind, we asked our Teen Board Members about some of the most memorable and instantly gripping first lines of their favorite books. Check out their answers below --- and after the jump you can see some of their beloved classic opening lines as well!

Teen Board Question - March 2017, Part 2

As you may or may not know, March is Women’s History Month, a time when we celebrate all the rockin’ ladies who gave their lives and efforts to making the world a much better (and more equal) place. With that in mind, we asked our Teen Board members about some of their favorite female authors or heroines, whether they are endlessly witty, fiercely strong, or always writing the perfect endings to complicated storylines. Read below to find out who they're celebrating this month.

May 2017

May's Books on Screen roundup includes the feature films Everything, Everything, and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2; the series premiere of "Anne with an E" on Netflix, the ongoing airing of "Famous in Love," and the season finales of "The Flash" and "Arrow"; and the DVD release of Before I Fall.

Teen Board Question - July 2017, Part 1

Summer is the season for blockbusters --- aka the movies that nearly everyone rushes out to see. While we love a good movie, the ones that really draw our attention are the ones based on books. Since we have movies on the brain, we asked our Teen Board members how they feel about seeing their favorite books brought to life on the big screen. Read below to find out whether or not they prefer to read the book first, which adaptations are their favorites and which ones they feel missed the mark.