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Everyone Dies in the End


Everyone Dies in the End

Sherman Andrews thinks he has it all figured out when he arrives at the Missouri Scholars Academy the summer before his senior year. This is his chance to impress professors, who will recommend him for a college scholarship, which will get him away from his blue-collar dad and closer to his career as a world-famous journalist. When he hears whispers of a fire and a scandal from the 1930s, he's sure he's found the perfect first article. But as soon as he begins researching, he receives a threat in the form of a beating by a strange man who tells him to stay away.

Despite the warning, Sherman keeps working on the story, finding he's stumbled into a secret society more than one hundred years old, a secret society that leaves dead bodies without eyes in its wake. As he realizes the danger he's in, he tries to distance himself from others so they don't end up dead, but he can't stop his new roommate L.J., nor Charlie, the cute girl from the library, from trying to help him.

A visit to one of the society's last living victims and a mental patient who insists he was locked in a ward so he'd stop asking questions makes everything clearer for Sherman, and he can only hope he can make it through the summer with his life, while protecting his friends.

A perfect book for fans of shows like Supernatural

EVERYONE DIES IN THE END is a dark, often gory book not for the weak-stomached. The descriptions of the victims of the society, left without their eyes and in other horrible conditions, can be brutal. There’s also real-time violence against Sherman and his associates. The constant flashbacks to the '30s can be a little confusing at first, but eventually become a welcome break from the present day action.

Sherman's budding relationship with Charlie lacks romance because of his constant, tiring inner monologue on her weight. However, the way his friendships develop with the academy scholars is drawn well --- he initially dismissed them, but they prove themselves to be loyal and brave.

EVERYONE DIES IN THE END is a perfect book for fans of shows like Supernatural, with a nice mix of pentagrams and blood sacrifices and nerves about getting the girl.

Reviewed by Molly Horan on March 25, 2014

Everyone Dies in the End
by Brian Katcher