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Equally Yoked: Laurel Shadrach, #3


Equally Yoked: Laurel Shadrach, #3

school graduation should have been the time of Laurel Shadrach's
life. However, in EQUALLY YOKED, the third installment in Stephanie
Perry Moore's Laurel Shadrach series, the title character
finds herself once again distracted by the tough decisions she must
make regarding her relationship, her friends, and her plans for the

With dreamy Branson Price once again in her arms, Laurel thinks
that she has it all. To make things even better, a stellar
gymnastics performance has college scouts clamoring for her to take
spots on their teams, which means big scholarship money. However,
with one sprained ankle, Laurel finds her world falling apart.
Unable to compete in a match that could have garnered her a full
ride to her dream school, she knows her chance of any scholarship
is gone. She is even more crushed to learn that her parents don't
have the money to send her to an expensive university, or possibly
any college.

Making matters worse is her rekindled romance with Branson. After
his accident, he swore that he was a changed man. However, it is
only a matter of time before Branson is back to his old antics. His
drinking and occasional drug use make Laurel wonder if he really is
the type of man she wants to be connected with. By graduation day,
Branson has booked a hotel room, hoping to get what he was unable
to in the past. Although she thought she learned her lesson the
first time, Laurel still finds the physical temptation almost
unbearable. Laurel's closest friends are also making destructive
decisions, and often getting her unknowingly --- and knowingly ---
involved in them. One catastrophic night leads to the loss of
Laurel's parents' trust and the realization that she is, in fact,
"equally yoked" with those she has close relationships with.

On top of it all, Laurel is increasingly aware of strong racial
prejudice, even amongst her own friends and family. When her
parents decide to house an African American college student for the
summer, the reactions of those around her stun and appall Laurel.
Finally finding her way to college, Laurel is surprised to learn
that her new roommate, Payton Skky, is an African American. College
life begins on a stirring note, and Laurel knows that her struggles
with racism and many other issues are only beginning.

EQUALLY YOKED marks an important transition in the Laurel
series. As Laurel starts her first year of college,
readers of Moore's Payton Skky series will find a number of
situations quite familiar. As Laurel and Payton are roommates,
Moore naturally has included many of the same events told through a
different perspective. While the books are clearly intended for
different audiences, readers of both series may find it a bit
repetitive, though the varied perspectives are interesting.

This is an excellent read. Moore develops the issues and characters
more thoroughly than in previous installments of the series. As the
book concludes, fans will eagerly anticipate Laurel's new
adventures in college.


Reviewed by Jennifer Crosby on October 18, 2011

Equally Yoked: Laurel Shadrach, #3
by Stephanie Perry Moore

  • Publication Date: February 1, 2003
  • Genres: Christian, Fiction
  • Paperback: 176 pages
  • Publisher: Moody Publishers
  • ISBN-10: 0802440371
  • ISBN-13: 9780802440372