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Zara White’s life changed forever and unbelievably when she moved to Maine to live with her grandmother. Not only did she make three amazing friends, one of whom became the love of her life, she also discovered that the so-called fictional pixies of fairy tales are actually very real --- and very mean. There were also quite a few weres wandering around, including her boyfriend, Nick, and even her grandmother. Weres, who are able to change form into other animals like wolves, eagles and tigers, are excellent warriors against the invading pixies. But the biggest shock of all comes when Zara finds out that her own birth father is a pixie king. Now she and her friends are caught up in the fight of their lives against the warring, human-hungry pixies.

In CAPTIVATE, Zara’s beloved Nick is killed and stolen away from her. But there is a possibility that he may not be completely out of reach. It is rumored that he is at the mythical place for dead warriors called Valhalla. Facing a lifetime without him, Zara does something she swore she would never do --- she accepts the form-altering kiss of a pixie king that changes her from human to pixie. As a pixie, Zara may be able to find a way to cross over into Valhalla and bring Nick back to Maine. However, Nick despises pixies, thinking all of them are evil and nasty. Even if Zara can beat the odds and bring him back, will Nick still be able to love her now that she’s not just a pixie but a pixie queen.

Zara used to hate all pixies, too, but working with Astley, the pixie king, and meeting his people have changed her perceptions that all pixies are bad. Of course, the most convincing argument --- Zara actually becoming a pixie --- proves to Zara and her friends that some pixies are good. Astley furthers these new beliefs by swearing to help Zara find her wolf, despite the fact that she is his new queen and should be standing beside him. The two begin an exhausting and dangerous search for clues to help them find the pathway to Valhalla, a search that takes them to the frigid north of Iceland and the dark streets of New York.

In the meantime, the evil pixies are growing hungrier and bolder. More and more people are coming up missing, and the citizens of Bedford, Maine are frightened. There is a curfew on the town, and some are moving away; even the FBI arrives on the scene to investigate. But little do they know that things are going to get a whole lot worse. A war is coming!

Carrie Jones once again brings back the characters fans have grown to love for even more adventure in the wild world of pixies. Zara resumes her pacifist turned reluctant warrior role, facing even more overwhelming responsibilities, while at the same time mourning the loss of her true love. The awesome Nick is absent for most of the story, but continues to be a main contender, both as Zara’s inspiration and as Jones addresses the tragedy of prejudice from a new angle. Astley has a bigger role in this book and is quickly gaining status in the admiration/respect category. Plus, the situation is hinting that Nick and Astley may soon be vying for Zara’s love in the near future.

The third book in this amazing series offers more of the suspenseful fantasy adventure that made the first two titles so successful. Carrie Jones is an insightful writer who delivers magical surprises on every page. Her powerful writing stirs up a storm of emotions with gusts of excitement and accumulating adventure. Fans will be waiting impatiently for the next enticing installment.

Reviewed by Chris Shanley-Dillman on October 18, 2011

by Carrie Jones