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Zara’s entire life has flipped upside down once again. In order to save the murdered Nick from Valhalla (the Norse mythological place where warriors go after dying), Zara allowed the pixie king, Astley, to do the unthinkable: turn her into a pixie. Nick is now safe and alive, but can barely stand to look at Zara anymore. He refuses to love a pixie, and Zara struggles with his revulsion and rejection. On the other hand, becoming Astley’s pixie queen does have a few benefits, including super senses, fast healing, a lovely blue shade of skin color when not manifesting a human disguise, and an intense bond with her new pixie king. Whenever she is in need, Astley responds. However, no matter how difficult her change of species is, Zara has more pressing matters at hand --- like the evil pixie attacks and the upcoming world apocalypse.

"ENDURE is a bittersweet conclusion to Carrie Jones’ wonderful fantasy series. Fans have come to love the colorful characters, and it will be a sad farewell."

Further signs of the impending war and apocalypse are appearing, including an attack on Zara from a half-zombie giant. Research reveals that this creature is the Norse mythological god who rules a place called Hel, where people go after dying of old age and sickness. In order to get some answers and instructions on saving the world, Zara and her friends do the only thing they can think of: make a visit to Hel.

In the meantime, the citizens of Bedford, Maine, are being gathered to form an army. It seems a rather hopeless group --- puny humans against powerful pixies and even more powerful Norse mythological gods --- but it’s something. So Zara and her friends, along with the help of Astley’s good pixies, begin training their human army. Along the way, though, Zara’s friend, Cassidy, has another of her visions. She sees a terrible death with burns and blood, and the victim is none other than Zara. Zara has always fought for a better world with her letters on human rights. Now is her chance to give the ultimate sacrifice for world peace --- her own life.

ENDURE is a bittersweet conclusion to Carrie Jones’ wonderful fantasy series. Fans have come to love the colorful characters, and it will be a sad farewell. However, they will be able to revisit any of the four books in the series and experience once again the high-impact action, sizzling romance, and fantastical dip into the fantasy world. Jones does a wonderful job building up anticipation and suspense, and brings vivid emotions to life. She also throws in some unexpected twists and turns, including a dangerous trip to Hel, and leaves readers guessing until the end as to which fellow Zara will choose: Astley or Nate. Oh, and a round of applause for the cover design team, who has produced original, eye-catching and intriguing art.

Congratulations to Carrie Jones on a series extremely well done! We eagerly await your next unforgettable book.

Reviewed by Chris Shanley-Dillman on June 28, 2012

by Carrie Jones