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Eden Conquered


Eden Conquered

Joelle Charbonneau, author of New York Times bestselling series THE TESTING and DIVIDING EDEN introduces the stunning sequel, EDEN CONQUERED.

Andreus won the Trials of Virtuous Succession at the cost of his sister’s life, achieving everything he worked so hard to get, but nothing seems right. The Council is working against him, secrets of the past are coming back to haunt him and no matter how much he wants to forget about his sister, the memory of her just won’t leave him alone. Far away from her brother, Carys is alive --- despite what everyone in the court thinks. Even while struggling with withdrawal from the Tears of Midnight and the previous Trials, Carys’ biggest problem is her newfound powers that she can’t seem to control. More than anything, Carys’ knows she must find answers to the problems of her family and the Palace of Winds, and face her twin brother in order to reclaim the throne. As Andreus and Carys struggle with the trials and betrayals of each passing day, the fate of Eden grows darker and darker until it threatens to break apart.

"EDEN CONQUERED combines magical prose with heart-stopping action....Quick changes in perspective and action on every page kept the energy in this book constantly flowing...I fell in love with every word."

EDEN CONQUERED combines magical prose with heart-stopping action, creating a powerful conclusion to this duology. Quick changes in perspective and action on every page kept the energy in this book constantly flowing, and I fell in love with every word. The analogies and figurative language to explain how a character feels or what a situation is like are beautiful, allowing me to feel as if I’m connected to Carys or Andreus and understand exactly what they’re going through. Not only the way this novel is written, but the relationship between Carys and Andreus is one of the most powerful I’ve ever seen. Instead of being entirely focused on a love interest, this brother-sister bond drives the novel, inspiring one of the most accurate representations of what a relationship with a twin is actually like. Throughout the first novel and this one I found myself torn between the two siblings, agreeing with one on one page, and then switching, and overall just wanting them to end up as the team they were meant to be.

Beyond my enormous love of the characters and relationships in this novel, the plot provided more excitement than I knew possible. This world is magical yet so real, easy enough to fall face first in and envelope yourself in the conflict between countries, family and betrayals. I’d love to have seen more of the kingdom and the world, to get a little more description of how this is fantastical universe is actually set up, but this book helped to fill in a lot more blanks. Additionally, this novel was filled with so much mystery and intrigue, despite the fact that it’s a sequel. I struggled when reading the first book with not knowing a lot of information by the end of the book, but Charbonneau used that to her advantage, twisting long lost secrets and confusion into dramatic stand offs and earth-shattering reveals.

I found myself falling in love with almost every aspect of this book but one moment took me by surprise more than anything. When reading Carys and Andreus give speeches to their people, the words are so powerful I got chills as if I was standing in front of them, a part of their kingdom. The ability to create such a reaction through simple words on a page is brilliant, one of the most magical moments I’ve ever read.

With magic, betrayal and bonds strong enough to test the weight of the world, EDEN CONQUERED is a necessity for any teen or older who enjoys fantasy or any fans of Charbonneau’s other series THE TESTING, as this novel is going to blow everyone away.

Reviewed by Jessica K., Teen Board Member on June 28, 2018

Eden Conquered
by Joelle Charbonneau