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Echo: Soul Seekers, Book 2


Echo: Soul Seekers, Book 2

The second story of THE SOUL SEEKERS emphasizes the prophesized love between Daire and Dace and reveals the power of their unwanted connection with the evil Cade. As in her Immortals series, Alyson Noel weaves a layered story of revealed secrets and connections among characters. The Soul Seekers series has a mystical overlay and Native American references which make this series unique and enjoyable among other published paranormal stories.

"Daire and Dace are powerful heroes whose affecting love makes this series an engrossing, passionate reading experience."

ECHO begins with Daire and her friends looking forward to the holidays. She and Lita trade Secret Santa names so Daire can have Dace and Lita can have --- herself! Paloma has enough strength now to continue Daire’s training, though their lesson on the pendulum mystifies them both. The pendulum can answer questions but seems to indicate that Daire has feelings for Cade. Daire knows she must continue her training even with those messages, since she was unable to sacrifice Paloma’s soul for the undead others in the first book. Those other creatures still need to be eliminated.

Cade is MIA, but when Daire and Dace visit their romantic waterfall in the other world, they notice some very bad changes. Dead fish fill the waters, and Raven does not appear to Daire as often as she is used to. When they visit again to check on things, they find the area returned to its former splendor. It becomes the site for them to take their love to the next level, but the moment is ruined when Cade appears and shatters the false illusion of the restored waterfall. He also explains that Dace is an Echo of him, and because of their professed love for each other, Daire is affecting him now too. Their love gives Cade power, which they witness when he transforms into a huge monster.

Horrified, Dace decides to break up to protect her from Cade. Miserable, Daire seeks help from Paloma and Chey on how she can get rid of the threat Cade poses so she and Dace can be together. Dace asks his mother for more details of her attack by Leandro, which led to his birth. He learns more of his family story and decides that he has to be the one to eliminate Cade. Jennika returns to Enchantment with her own dilemma and she and Daire offer each other comfort and makeover advice. They both connect to some of Django’s old things, which helps them understand Daire’s new role as Seeker.

Daire and Dace find they cannot stay apart, but they are both ready to sacrifice themselves to get rid of Cade, who continues to invade the other worlds as part of his plot. An old girlfriend of Dace’s returns to Enchantment and their friends try to understand the newcomer and the changes happening with Daire and Dace.  Another confrontation with Cade brings Dare some severe injuries, and his family wants him to break with Daire forever. The two each determine to end Cade’s reign and things come to a head with shocking surprises that will leave readers impatient for the next book in the series.

Alyson Noel adds enough details of holiday and teen life to make this series seem realistic even amid the visions, other worlds, and special abilities. The surprises and action keep pages turning even through the complicated prophesy and fate situations. Daire and Dace are powerful heroes whose affecting love makes this series an engrossing, passionate reading experience.

Reviewed by Amy Alessio on November 19, 2012

Echo: Soul Seekers, Book 2
by Alyson Noël

  • Publication Date: November 13, 2012
  • Genres: Fantasy, Fiction, Paranormal
  • Hardcover: 352 pages
  • Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
  • ISBN-10: 0312664877
  • ISBN-13: 9780312664879