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Echo After Echo


Echo After Echo

ECHO AFTER ECHO by Amy Rose Capetta is about a girl named Zara Evans. Zara loves to act, but she loves “Echo and Ariston,” a Greek tragedy, as well. Zara auditions for the role of Echo and finds herself being offered and accepting the role. When Zara meets Eli, they start to fall for each other. But Zara promised the director that there will be no distractions. Of course, it’s hard to have no distractions when there has been a death in the theater and Zara does not know if it is an accident or murder. The play is being performed at Aurelia Theater, which is supposedly cursed; when people start mysteriously dying, Zara and Eli need to figure out what is happening.

This story, while reading it, seemed all over the place. There were multiple storylines and I found myself getting confused at some points because I didn’t understand what was happening in the book. I told my friends that I was reading this book and they asked me what the book was about and I found myself struggling with trying to fit everything into a couple sentences. But even with all the different things happening, I still really enjoyed the plot.

"This book had a lot of amazing and diverse characters and it was great seeing that in a young adult novel....I recommend this book to everyone."

I also really liked reading from different points of view. ECHO AFTER ECHO follows a variety of characters in each chapter and while I did prefer some characters over others, I loved knowing what everyone was thinking throughout the book. This book had a lot of amazing and diverse characters and it was great seeing that in a young adult novel.

Reading this type of book was really refreshing. I have been reading a lot of fantasy and science fiction recently so this contemporary with a twist was entertaining. In fact, I often found myself forgetting that I was reading off a page. It really felt like I was there with the characters. Capetta wrote this book so that when reading you sympathize with the cast of characters.

I do not think I have ever read about a play, let alone a Greek tragedy. I would actually love to watch Echo and Ariston in a theater because I thought the play also had such a cool concept. I loved the cursed aspect of it as well. Sometimes I would forget that that was an issue in the book, but at other points I was on the edge of my seat wanting to know more about the curse.

I recommend this book to everyone. It does not matter what age you are or gender, it is a must-read. I think that it is such a diverse read and almost everyone will enjoy it. I have not heard much about this book and it does not have that much hype but I think it deserves far more hype and recognition. I couldn’t put the book down and I just wanted to know what was going to happen next. This is a must-read, especially during this time of year, because of the curse and because of the spooky aspect I think that it’s a perfect Halloween read.

Reviewed by Abigail D., Teen Board Member on October 17, 2017

Echo After Echo
by Amy Rose Capetta