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Dreamfire: A Novel


Dreamfire: A Novel

Joshlynn Weaver is definitely not like most teenagers her age. Where most teenagers love parties, Josh hates them. While most teenagers like to talk about their problems, Josh does not. And when most teenagers go out on weekends, Josh stays home and dream walks; entering and resolving people’s nightmares has come easily to Josh ever since she was little. But since the events that occurred last year, she has been dream walking more than ever. Being in a nightmare means she’s alone for a little while…and it means she is away from her own fears. All that changes the day after Josh’s 17th birthday, when she receives her first apprentice.

Will Kansas is not what Josh was expecting at all. Filled with raw talent, he is a natural dream walker. But that does not change the fact that Josh never wanted an apprentice. Filled with anxiety at the responsibility that has been placed on her, Josh attempts to distance herself from Will. She knows that if he were to find out what happened last year, he would not be so trustworthy of her.  What she did not count on was that Will is very good at reading people, and hiding her past could be more difficult than she thought. But when strange, disturbing events begin happening in people’s dreams, Josh realizes that Will has to know everything if he is going to help her get rid of this threat to their world.

Not only does DREAMFIRE have an excellent character duo, but the book also seamlessly combines multiple genres that will appeal to many different readers. 

DREAMFIRE by Kit Alloway has an impressive array of character personalities and covers a multitude of different genres. Josh, is struggling with guilt --- she feels like she has failed everyone after the events that happened last summer, which left her long-time boyfriend dead. Instead of trying to relieve some of her burden, Josh carries it around on her shoulders, scared to tell anyone what really occurred that fateful night. Everyone around her is willing to let her get away with her silence…Everyone except Will. Will, a boy living with the state because of an alcoholic mother and a dad who never bothered to take care of him, sees through Josh like no one else does. Ever since he was younger, he has been reading self-help books that allow him to read people and their struggles. Will knows he can help Josh with her guilt, if only she would tell him what it is about. The sensitivity these two characters have creates a complex and dynamic relationship that readers will be rooting for.

Not only does DREAMFIRE have an excellent character duo, but the book also seamlessly combines multiple genres that will appeal to many different readers. Additionally, all of the characters provide variety in a novel already filled with unique concepts and ideas. With suspense at every turn, reader will not see the ending Kit Alloway has in store for them. 

Reviewed by Kate F., Teen Board Member on February 24, 2015

Dreamfire: A Novel
(The Dream Walker Trilogy #1)
by Kit Alloway