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Dove Arising (Dove Chronicles)


Dove Arising (Dove Chronicles)

Dove Arising is about a girl named Phaet (pronounced fate) who lives on the moon. When her mother is taken away, she must do what she can to protect her family. This leads her on an adventure to join the military to get her mother back.

DOVE ARISING was great; it was enjoyable and fun. It initially seems to have a bland plotline, but as the story progresses, readers realize there is a larger plotline at work. It starts slow and it took a long time before the novel actually started going anywhere. However, once it did, it definitely didn’t disappoint. Once readers reach the climactic chaos, they’ll be begging for a sequel! I also thought it was interesting that there wasn’t any romance --- that’s quite unique for young adult stories.

The characters were great, and Karen Bao did an excellent job making all of the characters seem like full humans. I especially enjoyed Phaet. She was not a kick-butt girl like in most YA novels; instead, she felt like a normal human that was thrust into an intense situation. It was very convincing and relatable. She was a soft-spoken girl with a lot of thoughts in her mind, so I was glad the novel was in first person point of view. I’m really excited to see the how Phaet develops in the future.

Karen Bao did an excellent job making all of the characters seem like full humans.

I also thought that the world building in DOVE ARISING was pretty good. I really loved the military training scenes; they were vivid, clear and really well executed. I wanted to know more about the civilization on the moon, though. Readers only had Phaet’s city to compare it to, and I wanted to know what else there was. The society in DOVE ARISING moved to the moon for a better opportunity, but the book never mentions how terrible Earth really is or what it is like --- it’s all speculation. I hope future installments in the series expand on the world, because it could be very promising…this potential makes me want to get a hold of the next book really badly.

After reading this book, I had a lot of questions and not enough answers, so I can’t call it “outstanding.” However, I still felt like it was really enjoyable, and I appreciated all of the twists. I’m definitely going to continue on with the series --- I’m really intrigued by what is going to happen to Phaet! 

Reviewed by Christa O., Teen Board Member on February 24, 2015

Dove Arising (Dove Chronicles)
(Dove Chronicles #1)
by Karen Bao