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Don't Cosplay with My Heart


Don't Cosplay with My Heart

Edan is a nerd. Her fandom is the Team Tomorrow fandom, and her favorite character of all is Gargantua. After her father gets sequestered because of possible wrongdoing with funds management, Edan's family splinters apart. Her grandmother tries to keep everything together, but her mother is falling apart. When given a chance to escape through cosplay, Edan takes it. She starts out small but soon finds others at her school who love cosplay and fandom as much as she does.

My favorite part of DON’T COSPLAY MY HEART by Cecil Castellucci is why I wanted to read it in the first place: it is a book about cosplay. I have tickets to San Diego Comic Con, and I am definitely going to cosplay. Sadly, I am a cosplay newbie, just like Edan when the book began. I relate to her struggles with finding her place in fandom and find solace in her story because it is much like my own (except that I have not yet cosplayed).

"Beyond the premise, the characters are great also….This book is for all of the nerds out there, those who love cosplay and those who have not yet started but want to."

Beyond the premise, the characters are great also. I appreciate Kirk's story. Out of all of the characters, he is the most interesting. I wanted to see more of his story: his struggles with his mom having cancer and having to deal with school and juggling his “job.” He was funny and nerdy. I know people like Kirk, and they are amazing people. They are true nerds.

Edan, too, is a great character. Her dad's sequestering affects her home life. She has to stand up for herself in a house of three strong, headstrong women who all are vocal about their emotions and thoughts. I loved how she stood up for herself in the face of her emotional struggles.

But Kasumi was annoying, to say the least. She was more distant than I expected a best friend to be. Sure, this was part of the story, but even at the end of the book, she still seems far away. I wanted Edan and her to have a better reunion.

While Edan's story of acceptance of herself is awe-inspiring, that storyline falls flat and is not explained in-depth. While she fights the remarks Yuri's friends Phil and Tze make about her being a female nerd, the story does not focus on this. I would rather see Edan becoming more of a feminist and standing up for herself, but I admit that her romance with someone else is cute. I love nerd love.

The main problem with DON’T COSPLAY MY HEART is that I was not drawn into the book. I liked the background elements and some of the characters, but the plot felt boring. There were too many side stories going on and I was not invested in any one of them. If there was a single story (maybe about Edan standing up for herself as a female or about her becoming strong like Gargantua), I would have been more interested, but there was not enough to hold my attention.

This book is for all of the nerds out there, those who love cosplay and those who have not yet started but want to.

Reviewed by Wren L., Teen Board Member on January 29, 2018

Don't Cosplay with My Heart
by Cecil Castellucci