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Defy the Worlds


Defy the Worlds

Claudia Gray, New York Times bestselling author of the Firebird and Evernight series as well as multiple Star Wars novels, writes a fast-paced and action-packed tale in DEFY THE WORLDS --- the second novel in the Defy the Stars trilogy.

They were once sworn enemies in an interstellar war. Noemi, a soldier dedicated to protecting her planet from galaxy-conquering Earth, and Abel, a mech dedicated to serving Earth’s greatest scientist. After a journey through the stars, though, Noemi and Abel formed an unexpected alliance while uncovering shocking secrets about the universe that they never anticipated.

"With its mind-blowing plot, realistic characters and dazzling world, DEFY THE WORLDS is a stunning sequel that is perfect for fans of the Diabolic and Illuminae series."

Now, however, Noemi and Abel are galaxies apart. After arriving back to her home planet, Genesis, Noemi did not expect to be shunned and considered a traitor by her own people. But when a deadly plague spreads across Genesis, Noemi is the only person who knows how to find a cure, and if it takes another trip through the stars, then she’ll gladly do it. Abel is on the run, yet for once throughout his entire existence, he’s free to explore the universe without command from anyone but himself. However, when word reaches him that Noemi has been captured by the very person he’s running from, he’ll do whatever it takes to save her.

It doesn’t take long, though, for Noemi and Abel to realize that there are much more sinister works at play, and they may just have an even larger role in this intergalactic game of war than they already thought they had.

Once again, Claudia Gray has stunned me with another unbelievably marvelous novel. I wasn’t sure what to expect going into DEFY THE WORLDS, but it’s safe to say that it did not experience second book syndrome by any means. The plot throughout this novel was so incredibly creative and innovative, and Gray’s writing never failed to captivate me. The novel alternates between the perspectives of Noemi and Abel, and each of those perspectives was filled with constant excitement and thrills for me. Gray really balanced out each of the perspectives, so that neither one outweighed the other, which I think is a very difficult task to achieve.

Noemi and Abel were once again amazing characters, who I adored. After reading the first novel, where they both experienced so much growth, I wasn’t sure how much farther Gray could even take these characters, but Noemi and Abel continued to impress me with their development and maturity. While I did not favor either character more than the other in the first novel, I do have to say that Noemi stepped up and reigned as my favorite in this sequel, because she is just such a strong and sensible character, who I absolutely admire. It’s not just Noemi and Abel who are wonderful characters, though. The entire cast throughout this novel amazed me to no ends. There is not a single character without a fascinating backstory and genuine motives for what they do.

One of my biggest hopes for DEFY THE WORLDS was that Noemi and Abel would have the chance to explore even more of the beautiful universe that was crafted in DEFY THE STARS, and Gray fulfilled my wish to the fullest extent. There was so much more world-building in this novel than I expected, and I enjoyed every single vivid detail there was about the universe of Defy the Stars. There was also some literal world building throughout this novel, which was pretty fantastic.

With its mind-blowing plot, realistic characters and dazzling world, DEFY THE WORLDS is a stunning sequel that is perfect for fans of the Diabolic and Illuminae series.

Reviewed by Makayla H., Teen Board Member on April 27, 2018

Defy the Worlds
by Claudia Gray