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Deep Dark Blue: A Memoir of Survival

About the Book

Deep Dark Blue: A Memoir of Survival

A YA memoir of surviving sexual abuse in the Air Force academy. 

I want to be in the Air Force someday.

These are the words Polo Tate engraved on her junior dog tags at age 11. It was an unpopular dream for most young girls, but her hard work paid off and at age 18, Polo started basic training at the United States Air Force Academy.

She does everything right, from academics to athletics. But no one prepared her for what came next: physical, sexual and emotional abuse at the hands of her superiors. Harassment from peers who refused to believe her story.

DEEP DARK BLUE is more than a memoir about sexual assault. It’s about breaking boundaries but also setting them. It's about learning to trust your instincts. It's a story of survival, resilience and finally, finding your joy.

Deep Dark Blue: A Memoir of Survival
by Polo Tate