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Dear Rachel Maddow: A Novel


Dear Rachel Maddow: A Novel

Adrienne Kisner enters the young adult world with DEAR RACHEL MADDOW, her debut. Kisner has also worked in a college dormitory in both Residence Life and in college chaplaincy. Kisner went to Vermont College of Fine Arts for college and then Boston University. From Vermont College of Fine Arts, Adrienne Kisner has received an MFA in Writing for children and young adults and from Boston University, Kisner received a master’s degree and a doctorate degree in theology. She was inspired to write DEAR RACHEL MADDOW by her work with both high school students and college students.

"The minute I started reading DEAR RACHEL MADDOW, I was immediately sucked into the story and read the entire book in one day."

Some people have diaries or journals in which they write about their days and feelings. Brynn Harper does something a little different. Instead of a diary, Brynn writes but does not send emails about her life, thoughts and feelings to Rachel Maddow, the well-known American television host and political commentator. What started as school project becomes more personal as Brynn slowly starts to enjoy her not-actual confessing to Rachel Maddow about her pretty rough life. She talks about her life as an applied student, the horrible honor students, her horrible honors ex-girlfriend Sarah, her mother and terrible stepfather, her pretty good friends like Lacey and lots of other things.

Then when the opportunity arises for one student to help choose the new superintendent for the school, things start to get crazy. First, Sarah --- along with some other honors students --- tries to get everyone to sign a petition that makes it so only an honors student can get the position. Then, inspired by Rachel Maddow, encouraged by her friends and fueled by her anger at the honor students, Brynn ends up deciding to run for the position herself. Now she’s facing Adam --- possibly the slimiest, most elitist and worst honors student at her school --- in the election for the position on the committee for choosing the new superintendant.

The minute I started reading DEAR RACHEL MADDOW, I was immediately sucked into the story and read the entire book in one day. The storyline is so good. I was immediately attached to the characters in the book, worried about Brynn’s problems and very eager to learn the results of the election. The book’s format was really creative and really helped show Brynn’s emotions and opinions about the events in her life. DEAR RACHEL MADDOW feels so real. The things that happen in the novel do not seem like an adult’s impression of teen life, which is a common thing I’ve seen in many books, movies and TV shows. Instead, what happens is believable and true to the story.

I’d recommend DEAR RACHEL MADDOW by Adrienne Kisner to any teen who enjoys unique contemporary novels. DEAR RACHEL MADDOW is good for a quick read. While it does cover some tough problems that do happen in real life, it is not too hard to read. DEAR RACHEL MADDOW by Adrienne Kisner is overall a good book with serious moments, sad moments, sweet moments and even funny moments, and it will leave you with one lasting question: What would Rachel Maddow do?

Reviewed by Rebecca D., Teen Board Member on June 14, 2018

Dear Rachel Maddow: A Novel
by Adrienne Kisner