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Daughter of the Siren Queen


Daughter of the Siren Queen

Move aside Captain Jack Sparrow, a new Captain is taking the reins. Tricia Levenseller could not make her message clearer: the future is young and female. This is the time that Beyoncé predicted --- who runs the world? GIRLS!

Following DAUGHTER OF THE PIRATE KING, Alosa has given her father all three maps necessary to find the treasure, the heart of the siren realm. But once Alosa finds out one of her father’s most hidden secrets, she begins to question where her loyalties stand.

Levenseller writes a novel for fun and adventure. There is no dull moment in her novel, right from the beginning, Alosa is trying to pull off a heist and the rest of the novel is a joyride waiting to happen.

"Move aside Captain Jack Sparrow, a new Captain is taking the reins….Levenseller writes a novel for fun and adventure. There is no dull moment in her novel…."

While Alosa’s relationship with Riden does play a role in the second book of Levenseller’s duology, it’s not the center of the story. These two novels are not romances, or romance oriented --- Alosa would NEVER let her story be defined by a guy. No, these stories give readers an entire female crew of badass girls who take their fate into their own hands and don’t let anyone’s expectations limit their potential. Levenseller does not shy away from giving side characters the depth their storyline deserves. Alosa isn’t the only one going on her own adventure or trying to find love amidst the chaos. Levenseller gives us little Rosyln, who is just six and is trying to prove to her Papa and her fierce Captain that she deserves her place as much as the rest of them. Or Kearan, the young drunk who gives up rum, even when there is nothing else to drink and he’s about to go crazy of dehydration.

Levenseller is able to remind readers that there are stories going on outside of Alosa’s and just because we don’t follow them with every detail doesn’t mean that they’re not going on. Instead, we are able to see a sober and happy Kaeran and a young girl’s increase of wit. 

Just like everyone else, Alosa is flawed, but also like everyone else, she has her reasons for being the way she is. 

Levenseller has in no way substituted Alosa’s character growth for plot and action. Remember in the third Pirates of the Caribbean movie where Elizabeth and Will get married in the middle of a fight? That’s basically all of DAUGHTER OF THE SIREN QUEEN. But remember that there is no comparison, because while Jack Sparrow has his moments, Alosa’s crew could sail circles around the Black Pearl.

Reviewed by Sabina Z., Teen Board Member on March 13, 2018

Daughter of the Siren Queen
by Tricia Levenseller