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Dare to Fall


Dare to Fall

DARE TO FALL by Estelle Maskame is about a girl named MacKenzie Rivers. She has grieved over many people and she might even say those grievances have made her more of a distant person. So when her almost-boyfriend and crush, Jaden, loses his parents in a car accident she begins to distance herself because she does not want to handle any more grief. Stepping back from Jaden may not be the best thing to do but with her alcoholic parents, who have problems avoiding family issues, it is the only thing she knows how to do. But after months of distance from each other the two meet up again and are reunited. Before MacKenzie has the chance to distance herself again they get close and old feelings resurface along with new deeper ones. But can MacKenzie risk opening herself up to someone, especially the person she is most afraid to fall for?

Estelle Maskame is not only the author of DARE TO FALL but she has written other books such as the Did I Mention I Love You series and JUST DON’T MENTION IT. She tends to write more romance and contemporary books. DARE TO FALL is my first book I have picked up by Estelle Maskame, but I found her writing very captivating and I was hooked by the first couple of words I read. Her writing flows and I really enjoyed that.

"If you have been through something or lost someone this book might help you see how other people cope and grow from that loss. I found this plot so interesting and unique."

I do not think I have read a book about a girl who has had a bad past and has trouble opening up because of it. There are some things I almost found myself relating to in this book, which I really enjoyed because not many authors will talk about some things mentioned in this book. The serious topics are dealt with in a realistic way which I personally really appreciated. The idea of grief and how everyone deals with it differently was a main point in this book which, again, was interesting to see portrayed. My only issue with that is this book could be taken as a depthless, romance at first glance, but delving more into it you see the depth and emotions the characters and the author herself displays.

Going into this book I thought I would not like MacKenzie because I felt the author could have portrayed her in an annoying way based on the summary I read. But not only did I really love seeing MacKenzie develop, I really enjoyed seeing Jaden grow as a character too. All of the characters surrounding them brought more depth and detail to the book as a whole.

I would recommend this book to anyone who is not afraid to read about grief. If you have been through something or lost someone this book might help you see how other people cope and grow from that loss. If you have not experienced grief this book can be good to see other people’s point of view. All-around, this book was captivating and I recommend it to everyone.

Reviewed by Abigail D., Teen Board Member on January 23, 2019

Dare to Fall
by Estelle Maskame