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Cress: Book Three in the Lunar Chronicles


Cress: Book Three in the Lunar Chronicles

The third book in The Lunar Chronicles features Crescent Moon, a girl loosely based on Rapunzel. She is being held prisoner on a satellite orbiting Earth and hacking into computer systems as ordered by the evil Queen Levana.  She has also been secretly tracking Linh Cinder and sympathizing with the rebel.  In the meantime, Cinder, Thorne, Wolf and Scarlet are plotting to overthrow Queen Levana and stop her upcoming wedding to Kai. The wedding will likely mean the end of civilization on Earth. These unlikely heroes team together against large odds in this exciting adventure.

Cress has only occasional contact with Sybil, who brings her food and water along with orders. So far Cress has been able to cloak Lunar ships surrounding Earth and hack into Kai’s palace. She is lonely, hasn’t cut her hair since she was a child, and is astonished when Captain Thorne’s ship contacts her looking for help in their mission. Cress has researched Cinder’s friends and allies thoroughly, and fancies herself in love with Thorne before even meeting him.  But when Cinder’s group attempts to rescue her, Thorne is beaten badly enough that he loses his sight, and Sybil is able to kidnap Scarlet to Luna. another smart, strong heroine --- a feature that is becoming Meyer’s trademark.

Cinder has been training with former Lunar guard Wolf but she is unable to use enough mind control to stop Sybil from wounding Wolf and taking Scarlet. Sybil’s guard Jacin stays and chooses to fight with Cinder.

Sybil sends Cress’ satellite crashing towards Earth, but she and Thorne are able to get the parachute to work and save themselves. They land in the Sahara desert and have to walk for days with limited resources in the heat, not sure exactly where the next town is.

Cinder and her group find Dr. Erland in Africa so he can help Wolf. They learn that many people there are sympathizers to her and her cause. She tries to regroup with her smaller band and plot to stop the wedding. Dr. Erland has been researching Lunar shells and their resistance to the plague, and makes an astonishing discovery about where the plague originated.

Kai is desperate to stop the wedding but knows it may be the only way to get an antidote for his people and to buy some peace. He continues to try and find missing Lunar Princess Selene who could overthrow Levana. He tries to implement more cyborg friendly policies in his kingdom while missing Cinder.

Thorne and Cress come across their friends and Dr. Erland recognizes her as his daughter, who was supposed to have been killed as a child on Luna. He helps the group with their plot before revealing his identity to Cress in a moving scene.

The plot to stop the wedding is action-filled and Cinder has to control her emotions as she runs into both Levana and her hated stepmother. Each person on her team has personal struggles and reasons for wanting to help her and they are barely able to proceed with their plan. All knew that stopping the wedding meant starting a war, but they are willing to do whatever is needed.

CRESS is an engrossing, exciting read in an excellent, unique, science fiction thriller series. Cress herself is another smart, strong heroine --- a feature that is becoming Meyer’s trademark. At 550 pages the book is long, but readers will be pulled into Cinder’s mission and the increasing action that ramps up all the way to the end. The hard part will be waiting until next year for the next installment

Reviewed by Amy Alessio on February 4, 2014

Cress: Book Three in the Lunar Chronicles
(The Lunar Chronicles #3)
by Marissa Meyer