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Coming Up for Air


Coming Up for Air

Miranda Kenneally grew up in Manchester, Tennessee. She attended college in Washington, D.C. where she began to develop her passion for writing. She is the author of the Hundred Oaks series, which includes eight YA contemporary novels. Also, as the editor of the DEAR TEEN ME ANTHOLOGY, she is a Goodreads Choice Awards Nominee in Best Debut Goodreads Author.

"This series has come a long way...the plot has become increasingly more elaborate, relatable and realistic. COMING UP FOR AIR of the best novels by Kenneally."

COMING UP FOR AIR is the story of Maggie and Levi, who are competitive, nationally-ranked swimmers. They are supposed to be going their separate ways to college next year --- Maggie to Berkley, and Levi to Texas. Up until one moment in the book, Maggie has never seen Levi as anything more than a great friend, but when she goes to visit Berkeley, she has an encounter that makes her want to step up her dating game. She has never really had time to be in a relationship, and she wants Levi to help her compensate for that.

I am a huge fan of Miranda Kenneally’s Hundred Oaks series, and I have enjoyed every book that she has written. This series has come a long way from CATCHING JORDAN, and the plot has become increasingly more elaborate, relatable and realistic. This series is one that I highly recommend, as it showcases some of my favorite qualities found in teen novels.

COMING UP FOR AIR is the only upper-YA book of the series, and I was pleasantly surprised by the level of maturity that it showcased. Maggie and Levi are incredibly talented swimmers, and swimming is a sport that I barely see represented in YA. I certainly appreciated the honesty and messiness of Maggie’s and Levi’s relationship. They were not perfect and sometimes hurt each other, but they had a clear and realistic dynamic. The secondary characters interested me just as much as the main characters, and I adored them so much that I want them to have their own books.

COMING UP FOR AIR is a solid addition to the Hundred Oaks series, and it is one of the best novels by Kenneally. I recommend that you read all of the books in this series before reading this one because you get the full effect of the connections between the characters. Readers looking for an authentic teen experience and realistic characters will love COMING UP FOR AIR. Kenneally always makes sure to include some Easter eggs for those who have followed the entire series, and COMING UP FOR AIR is full of them.

Reviewed by Grace P., Teen Board Member on July 11, 2017

Coming Up for Air
(Hundred Oaks #8)
by Miranda Kenneally