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Click: A Story of Cyberbullying


Click: A Story of Cyberbullying

CLICK is a young adult graphic novel that tells the story of Lexi, a seventh grade girl who was cyberbullied. Through gorgeous illustrations and witty captions, Lexi allows the audience to see into her eyes as she turns the tables on her tormentors in a twist of karmic fate.

"While CLICK is a relatively short read, it is incredibly impactful….I think we could all learn a little lesson from Lexi…"

While CLICK is a relatively short read, it is incredibly impactful. With the growth of the digital age over the past decade, it has been much easier for bullies to hide behind aliases online rather than confronting their victims in person, thus contributing to the rise in cyberbullying. Lexi's story is not unique in this way. Many teenagers have to face cyberbullying head on, but, unlike Lexi, they do not all live to tell their tale. Lexi's story serves as a reminder to all teens like her that have struggled, are struggling, or will struggle that they can pick themselves back up again no matter the odds against them.

Lexi's bravery in taking on her cyberbullies is highly commendable. It takes a significant amount of courage to be able to shut out such an influx of negativity, especially at such a young age when many are predisposed to taking such insults to heart. As a society, we need constant reaffirmation of our self-worth, which is gratified through social media. It has become immensely difficult to see ourselves outside of the online profile we establish for ourselves. This reality makes cyberbullying all the more damaging. While Lexi did suffer initially at the hands of her aggressors, she found a way to take back her identity. As a reader, I felt an immense amount of pride for her.

I think we could all learn a little lesson from Lexi: It's okay to make the decision to shut down from social media and take time to find ourselves outside of what lies on a phone screen. In doing so, we may just discover a stronger, more powerful version of ourselves that we never thought existed.

Reviewed by Gabby B., Teen Board Member on November 15, 2018

Click: A Story of Cyberbullying
by Alexandra Philips