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Class: The Stone House


Class: The Stone House

THE STONE HOUSE written by A.K. Benedict and created by Patrick Ness is a novel based off of the TV show “Class,” from the universe of “Doctor Who.” In it, a group of high school students, along with their teacher, defend Coal Hill from the monsters and aliens that come out of the Rift, an area where the space-time curtain is so thin that creatures from all universes are able to randomly cross. Their team consists of Charlie Smith, the prince of an alien race known as the Rhodians, Ram Singh, Tanya Adeola, the youngest of the group, April MacLean, a human student with an alien link with the Shadow Kin and their teacher Miss Andrea Quill, an alien disguised as a human who teaches their physics class at Coal Hill High School.

"THE STONE HOUSE has an exciting premise and is full of suspense and creepy moments. The interaction between the characters is very entertaining and the mystery is unlike any other...."

In the book, Tanya accidentally finds an abandoned stone house and a haunting, screaming girl standing in the window. The Classteam investigates the house, and finds that their nightmares come to life on every floor. Fears are turned to reality around every corner and they must fight for their lives while slowly unraveling the mystery and secrets behind the enigmatic house.

I enjoyed the snappy dialogue between characters as well as the creative, exciting plot. Although it comes across as a horror/mystery novel, the book itself is not too scary and is suitable for younger ages. I thought that exposing each character to his or her fear was a fascinating concept, especially with their reactions and how they dealt with the nightmares.

The unraveled plot twists didn’t exactly shock me but it was very interesting for the plot and the characters. From the beginning to the end, the mystery hooks you in; there’s nothing you want more than to figure out the truth behind it all. The novel by itself, without the TV show, is an excellent standalone book for younger readers. However, I thought the some sentences were a little choppy and hard to read, but the interesting dialogue, plot and characters make up for it.

Although it begins as a stereotypical “don’t go into the haunted house” novel, your view of this will slowly change as the book progresses, especially with Tanya’s own discoveries. It is a quick read, with a gripping first half. However, as more characters are introduced, the book strays a fraction from its horror/mystery genre.

There could have been more character development, but as a spinoff of a TV show, it is slightly limited. It did delve deeper into Tanya and Quill’s lives but not enough so that I know them well.

Overall, THE STONE HOUSE has an exciting premise and is full of suspense and creepy moments. The interaction between the characters is very entertaining and the true mystery is unlike any other horror story you will ever read. This book breaks through those stereotypes and delivers a novel that young readers are sure to enjoy.

Reviewed by Jeremy H., Teen Board Member on November 2, 2017

Class: The Stone House
(Class #1)
by Patrick Ness and A.K. Benedict